A streetcar named desire (2)

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As I go on reading this play, I found out a lot of symbolic things here. Some of the things aren't the most important, like meat, cat in scene one, but they are useful in this play, they can let reader learn more of the character. And now I will try to explain some of the symbolic terms.
In scene one (p.12) when Stanley throw red-stained meat to Stella, than Stella have catch it. The meat here is a symbol of a baby. When Stella have catch the meat, the colored women and the Negro woman have laugh and being happy about the meat. So do Stella. I think that the meat is stand for a newborn baby. In the other hand, we can see that Stella is pregnant and will give birth at the end of scene eight.
Blanche have a long journey to see Stella. On her way, she has taken a streetcar named desire, than went to Elysian Fields. The streetcar named desire and Elysian Fields both have symbolic meaning to Blanche. Blanche have pass though desire; (love and sexual attitude) and Elysian; (death and losing her love) in her life. Blanche were married once, when she was quite young, than the one she love is a homosexual man. One day she meet Allen (the one she love) with a man doing something in the bedroom. Than the boy Allen have kill himself with a gun. She thinks that desire have killed the boy and her. She have suffer pain after this event have happened to her, this little event have brand deep in her mind. In the rest of her life, she can't get rid of desire and death. At the end, it has drive Blanche crazy.
There is another symbolic term, which has seen in many scenes. Remember that Blanche always take bath? " Bath" is a symbolic term; it stands for getting clean. In the Bible that Christian use water to clean their soul. Blanche always take bath, so that she can wash her sin. What sin do she have? Well, in scene seven (p. 100) Stanley told Stella that her sister Blanche isn't single- minded to love, she use lies to get love, and her reputation is a mass, so she need to get out of the town. And she can't teach anymore, because she'd gotten mixed up with one of the student a seventeen- year-old boy. She doesn't really want to get into these sins, but she can't help it. She wants to have love againĄK For the wrong she did she wish that she can get clean again.
In the novel " Wuthering Heights", there is a dog which is very like Heathcliff, so does this play. There is a cat, which is a symbol of Stanley. At the end of scene one (p.31), [A cat screeches near the window. Blanche springs up.] Blanche said: What's that? Than Stanley said: cats. We can see from here that Blanche is quite afraid of the cat, just as she is afraid of Stanley. Cats will attack to those who attack them. After Blanche said something bad about Stanley to Stella. Stanley started to dig Blanche's pass. At scene four (p.72) have showed that Blanche discriminate Stanley, and Stanley has heard it accidentally. Than Stanley acts like a cat, attack to those who harm him. At last he have been success, Blanche is hurt deeply.
The background music of the play " Blue Piano" has been play from the beginning. The music is a kind of symbolic to the play, too. " Blue piano" is sad and lonely music that drives the audience to the play; it helps the audience to feel that this play is a tragedy.
There are more symbolic terms in this play, such as " Poker" stand for the position of man. " Mr. Shep Huntleigh" stands for shelter and protection to Blanche.etcĄK I won't explain it this time maybe late


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