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I think she has a negative thought about Stanley. In scene 3rd, she describes he is acting like an animal and this is also mentioned in scene 4th.
" On the contrary, I saw him at his best! What such a man has to offer is animal force and he gave a wonderful exhibition of that! But the only way to live such a man is to-go to bed with him! And that's your job-not mine!" She seems not to agree Stella's ideas about Stanley. She thinks that he is a rude man. If a woman gets married with him, her work is to go to bed with him and make him happy. That is all. In addition, she also mentions that "Stella, you just suppose that any part of a gentleman's in his nature! Not one particle, no! Oh, if he was just-ordinary! Just plain-but good and wholesome, but-no. There's something downright-bestial-about him! You're hating me saying this, aren't you?" She thinks that her sister has a wrong thought about Stanley. And then she explains why she thinks Stanley is not a good man to be with. "He acts like an animals, has an animal's habits! Eats like one, moves like one, talks like one! There's even something-sub-human-something not quite to the stage of humanity yet! Yes, something-ape-like about him, like one of those pictures I've seen in-anthropological studies!" She can't believe that Stella marries him because she has a good family background and receive education. But her husband is a pig-Polack-disgusting-vulgar-greasy man! We can know this view in the first scene when she is new to this place and these sentences here.
We all know she cares about her age and appearance. Besides, she also cares about man's attitudes and views about her. "I don't know why I screamed! Mitch is coming at seven. I guess I am just feeling nervous about our relations¡KI want his respect. And men don't want anything they get too easy. But on the other hand men lose interest quickly. Especially when a girl is over-thirty. They think a girl over thirty ought to-the vulgar term is-"put out."¡KI mean I haven't informed him-of my real age!" From this paragraph, it proves Blanche always cares about her outside appearances but she doesn't want to men know how old she is.
And when she meets a man, she always wants to flirt with them. Maybe she wants to prove that she is still charming, beautiful, young.
If men see her, they will be attracted by her so she always eager to catch their attention. However, when she attains her goal, she will feel uncomfortable and is not willing to hope men touch and kiss her. "Mitch fumblingly embraces her. Her voice sounds gently reproving¡KNow just because Stanley and Stella aren't at home is no reason why you shouldn't behave like a gentleman." However, When Mitch asks her to give him a slap, she rejects it and says to Mitch, "That won't be necessary. You are a natural gentleman, one of the very few that is left in the world. I don't want you to think that I am severe and old maid schoolteacherish or anything like that. It's just-well" She has two different views on this thing.
Actually, I have thought that Blanche will have sex with Stanley. Because she ever flirts with Stanley and her behavior is very open and sexy. But I haven't thought that Stanley will rap her. She is shocked by this result. She probably doesn't know she will have this kind of situation. Therefore, she becomes very strange and seems to be afraid of anything.
For example, she doesn't want to eat unclean grape; she becomes silently, etc. When she hears Stanley's voice, she feels very astonished. "The sound of this new voice shocks Blanche. She makes a shocked gesture, forming his name with her lips¡KBlanche stands quite still for some moments-the silverback mirror in her hand and a look of sorrowful perplexity¡KBlanche finally speaks but with sudden hysteria." And she also says, "I am anxious to get out of here-this place is a trap!" I originally don't like what Blanche's thoughts and deeds but I take a pity on her unfortunate result. I think she should know what she thought and did are wrong and she may feel regret for that!
This drama may want to tell we readers the real world in New Orleans at that time. The author hope we can think about our original desire and keep in mind that we have to know what is right or what is wrong about our thoughts and behaviors. He describes this opinion by means of this drama and wants us not to be like the character in this play.


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