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Analysis of the Most Controversial Character---Blanche
As soon as I finish reading the play, the first feeling is regret at Blanche¡¦s madness and insaneness. I think the outward factors affect Blanche more deeply than her inward ones. Blanche grows up in a noble and aristocratic family and background. The traditional responsibility, manner, and moral have been rooted in the depth of her mind since she was little. In the upper class, girls should be well-mannered, dignified, and sedate ladies. The adamant laws, rules and standards have trapped her with incomparable power and pressure. Her nature, innocence, and naivete are covered with that artificial refrain. Therefore, when she meets rude Stanley and lower class, she is shocked and surprised. Because the world she lives and imagines is in order with good manner, the life and world Stanley and Stella never exist in her mind. Maybe she is used to luxurious and comfortable life so she can¡¦t put up with the common and simple life. The standard and pattern which she follows and enjoyment of high-quality are her dependence in her all life. Once something or someone destroys and breaks down what she only has, she does not owns nothing at all in the world. For example, she loses Belle Reve, extravagant life and the love from her relatives and family members, including Stella, so she is hopeless and exhausted.
Moreover, her young husband¡¦s death also does harm to her very much. In her mind, her husband is the most perfect and wonderful. She obtains the love and finds out her nature once again from her husband. She opens her mind that is sunk in sleep and leads a brand new life. She finds out what she is and the true herself. She is intoxicated completely by the sweet love. However, her lover kills himself by the cruelest way. He is stuck the revolver into his mouth and fired so that the back of his head has been blown away. Blanche never forgets that terrible scene ¡§We danced the Varsouviana! Suddenly in the middle of the dance the boy I had married broke away from me and ran out of the casino. A few moments later---a shot!¡KIt was because---on the dance-floor ---unable to stop myself--- I¡¦d suddenly said---¡¥I saw! I know! You disgust me ¡K¡¦And then the searchlight which had been turned on the world was turned off again and never for one moment since has there been any light that¡¦s stronger than this---kitchen---candle¡K¡¨ When they dance the polka, which is piece of music for a lively dance of European origin, the lightness and happiness of the music will make people forget themselves. The tragedy happens so suddenly and immediately after the happy atmosphere. The fierce and opposite change must surprise people, and Blanche is no exception. From that time, her world is like the dance-floor with dark, sparkling, and glitter light. She can¡¦t face the strong light, such as sunshine. In addition, her mind also can¡¦t face insight and judgement from the traditional customs. We can know how deep Blanche loves her husband from her song when she takes a hot bath ¡§Without your love, It¡¦s a honky-tonk parade! Without your love, It¡¦s a melody played In a penny arcade¡K¡¨ Likewise, we can understand she devotes her all life, love, and hope to her right man. The more devoted she is, the more heart-broken she is. No wonder she talk to Mitch ¡§But, honey, you know as well as I do that a single girl, a girl alone in the world, has got to keep a firm hold on her emotions or she¡¦ll be lost!¡¨ She is afraid to devote her love because she is afraid to be hurt and addicted. Her sex desire becomes deviant resulting in promiscuity. Thus, she has to make a lot of lies to protect herself from break her heart again. She also searches for the sense of security the world she makes up gives to her mind. She can¡¦t accept the real world and she just hides herself in the magical world. As soon as she stands under the light, she seems to die. She is afraid that her fraud and her unbearable-pained past will be exposed. She hopes everyone can see her the perfect side and not see her weak, squeamish, and vacant side.
On the other hand, because she really experiences what the true love is, when she observes Stella¡¦s love to Stanley, she will object to Stella¡¦s unfair and unbalanced love. Nevertheless, she takes a step toward the light and hope. It¡¦s a pity for her to be taken to the mental hospital. No matter what she does is wrong, contemptible, or unbelievable, she just protects herself and conforms herself. She is worthy to pay our sympathy and passion.


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