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When Blanche first met Mitch, she asked him to dance with her. Then she tried to please Mitch by saying he has a massive bone-structure and a very imposing physique. (P.89) She attempted to lure him by touching her own chest. In other words, I think when she made love with a man or a man accepts her that means in other people's eyes she still a beautiful, pretty woman. She wants to prove that she is still attractive and charming. "I don't want you to think that I am severe and old maid schoolteacherish or anything like that."
Later when Mitch found out the truth about Blanche, he rushed to her in working clothes; he wants to see her in the light as well. "You never want to go out till after six and then it's always some place that's not lighted much." She replied that she doesn't want realism, she wants magic. This show that she would like live in her illusion world; she doesn't want to face the real world. So she often used liquor to lead herself away from reality.
When Mitch pushes her to admit her past, we know since Allen died, having intimacies with many different strangers is the way for her to full fill her empty heart. The problem is she has to depend on men, but her past is always the obstacle for her new relationship, and the resolution is to tell lies. When her lies are discovered, she needs to find another man and makes the whole story again. This vicious circle goes on and on. When men discover those dirty past she had, like Stanley and Mitch, they see her cheap and as a sex tool, merely a "female animal". That's why when Mitch knows the truth, he doesn't respect her any longer and even tries to insult her. When Stanley got little drunk from hospital back home and found what she is talking about are all imagination, lies, and tricks, he insults her as well as rapes her.
Basically, she is good mannered. However, her distressing marriage creates another personality that triggers a great conflict in her. On one hand, she wants to find a gentleman to settle down, like Mitch, on the other hand, she cannot quit the habit of seducing young men, for example, she wants to kiss the newspaper young man. Sometimes she behaves like a prostitute, such as when she tries to seduce the young man; sometimes she behaves like a virgin. For example, when Mitch wants to embrace her and kiss her, she refuses and claims that she is kind of old-fashioned woman.
Blanche's desire for men is because she needs comfort and protection; however, men's desire for her is because they look down upon her and behave like beasts. Besides the influence of Blanche's marriage, there is another reason that destroys her, too. Stella once told Stanley, "She (Blanche) was tender and trusting as a little girl, but people like you (Stanley) abused her, and forced her to change." The colors associate with the characters may convey this idea. Blanche is associated with tender and soft colors that represent purity and innocence, while those men are associated with bright and colorful clothing that may suggest complexity and strong desire.
Blanche seems knows Stanley quite well and feels his danger. She told Mitch that someday Stanley is going to ruin her, and he does. She feels the danger and wants to move out, she even persuaded Stella to leave that violent life. But she failed. Stella chose brutish love rather than a better life.
At first, she tried her best to adjust herself to that environment. However, Stanley refused her good intention. For example, at the poker night, when she showed her kindness to Stanley's friends, but Stanley put a damper on her (p.48). I think that because from the first time, Stanley had a deep prejudice against Blanche, he thought that Blanche didn't tell the truth of her past. She deceived Stella and pretended that she was very miserable. Blanche, who is forced to change by the environment, is a victim in this society. And she is a typical woman who has to depend on man to survive, but in this story, she is not accepted by men. She shows a traditional concept of woman who is weak under the power of men.
By the way, Blanche stands for innocence, pure and beautiful appearance in English. But I think it is a little bit ironic. Blanche, in my opinion, was a big liar in this play. For example, (p.126, 127) at scene ten, after Mitch refused to keep contact with her, she told Stanley that it is not Mitch who threw her away, it is her who dumped him instead. For she thought their ways of life were too different. Blanche always wanted to show her pride, elegant sides, and described Stanley as an ape, which upset him a lot. I think this is one of the reasons why Stanley always tries to offense her.


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