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This novel is really full of "desire". Because of needinf desire,
Blanche and Mitch fell in love with each other; Stanley raped Blanche
out of desire. In this novel, Mitch is the one who dare not to show
his feelings and desires directly. Actually he has similar personalities
as Stella, and Stanley has similar one with Blanche.Stanley and Blanche
showed their feelings and desires directly, but they have different ways
of showing that. Stanley always express his desires and feelings with wild
and violent way. While Blanche only use her sexual body language to express
her feelings, we can see the example of her flirting with Stanley and Young
Actually Stanley has had sexual desire of Blanche when the first maating
with Blanche, for at scene ten, Stanley said to Blanche:"We've had this date
with each other from begining!"
Stella--- As for Stella, I feel very sory for her. When Stanley was angry
or violent to her, she could do nothing to stop him, for she knew that he
would be more unreasonable if other didn't obey him.Her love to Stanley has
been kind of lie to herself, for when Blanche told Stella that Stanley has
raped her, she dared not to believe this. She didn't know how to react to
Stanley and Blanche, so she would only choose to send Blanche away and kept
living with Stanley.
Blanche--- Before she was raped, she has been too nervous and start to
imagine about men's persuing. She once told Stanley lies about Mitch bagging
her forgiveness with a bounch of roses and she was preparing for Mr. shep
coming. Actually those were all her imaginations of men. She has been a
little bit crazy at that time, but stanley raped her was the biggest point
of her insane. Blanche was really the woman who cared about her appearence
very much. Whenever she was meeting men, she always preparing for a long time
in order to give nice impression of men. In many lies of her, we can see that
she is afraid of facing truths, and she wouldn't let other s to know about her
weakness, so all she could do was to cover those facts with more and more lies.
Here I would like to talk about several traditional concepts of her: She thought
a lady and a gentleman should be polite and with nice appearence, such as dressing
and their manners, so she not only cared about her own appearence but alsoo cared
about others' appearence, especially about men. We can see some examples here:
scene nine~ when Blanche met with Micth, whop dressed with working shirt, she
was a little bit upset about that, she even complained to stanley.
Besides, she thought that " a lady is born to entertain gentleman" (p186), so
she lower her position behind men.


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