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A Streetcar Named Desire

While some readers spare no efforts to blame Blanche about her vanity and her lost in lust, I think we should also notice that Blanche somewhat has other positive characteristics, like she is elegant, poetic and her attitude toward things is idealistic. Having borne and bred in the south, I think in some respects she was educated successfully. Her behavior and her manner were decent (not the part she lies, she drinks and she flirts with men). I found that the terms Blanche used to describe Stanley is funny. She referred that Stanley is "a survivor of Stone Age" and "seed barer", which sarcastically indicated the personalities of Stanley-vulgar and impetuous with brutal desire.
Mitch has been close with Blanche. Their falling in love was just an impulse, a sudden passion; they did not even know each other well yet! For Blanche, Mitch was just a prove, an individual that she can experiment her charm still works and her appearance is still attractive enough to let man crazy-though she is getting old. But she was not fully confident of her current looking, she avoided being seen and looked under the light. She was afraid of being judged and she dared not to face her true self honestly. Well, stupid Mitch was hooked and he courted Blanche actively. But after Stanley "introduced" Blanche clearly, his Attitude changed. Deliberately, I think, Stanley told Mitch about the background of Blanche and how she got along with men. Thus made Mitch broke up with Blanche right away. What Stanley has done may be a kind of revenge. After Blanche's appearance, the relationship between Stanley and Stella has some differences. The most serious effect to Stanley is that he can't have sex with Stella as free as before. Stanley is such an energetic animal about sex; the discontent eventually aroused the resentment toward Blanche. In addition, one night he even overheard the speech Blanche had toward Stella that how she possibly live with a man like Stanley who acted like an wild animal? Stanley was insulted and certainly he wouldn't feel good about this. What's more, Stella took the perspective of Blanche and her attitude toward Stanley altered. Stanley was being afraid of losing this marriage. The best way to avoid this terrible thing happen is to get rid of Blanche. Mitch is an intimate friend of his and he did not want him to have any contact with Blanche. That's the purpose he told Mitch everything he knew about Blanche. Afterwards what Stanley has done really worked, Mitch found Blanche was not the kind of lady he thought, he has a sort of looked down on Blanche and did not act like a gentleman before Blanche anymore. He even shouted to Blanche "I was a fool enough to believe you was straight!" That was quite a serious strike to her and closely drove her crazy.


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