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Greg Chen

My first impression of Blanche was that she is really a quick-tempered woman! When she met Stella, she just kept on talking and Stella did not even have a chance to say too much, Blanche herself did not realize that but complained to Stella "You're all I've got in the world, and you're not glad to see me!(P.20)" Besides, she was a woman that cared about her outside appearance very much. For example, in P.15 "Her delicate beauty must avoid a strong light." That description refers that she must have used a great deal of cosmetics to cover her wrinkles or those places that are not extremely perfect. And, she did not want Stella to look at her "ˇKlet me look at you. But don't you look at me, Stella, no, no, not till later, not till I've bathed and rested. (P.19)" she regarded her looking as the most important concern, she have not met her sister for so long but at that time still she was not willing to show her sister her original, real face. What's more, she was not honest. She drank alcohol when she was alone, when Stella was at home she drank another one, but she lied that one is her limit. (P.21) And when Stanley holds the alcohol bottle to the light to observe its depletion and finds his wine is gone, he doubts Blanche and asks Blanche if she wants a shot? Here Blanche lies again, she replies " No, I-rarely touch it. (P.30)"
Like her sister, Stella is not being honest. She made up a story for Blanche, pretending that she is getting along with Stanley very well, she can not live without him. In P.25 she said" I can hardly stand it when he is away for a nightˇK" " when he is away for a week I nearly go wild!" and " when he comes back I cry on his lap like a babyˇK" She did not want Blanche to know the truth-Stanley is a violent, bad-tempered guy, he is not tender to Stella (in P.57, when Stanley is drunk, he just goes mad and charges after Stella, regardless the fact that Stella is pregnant.) Maybe she does not want her sister to worry about her or to feel she is pitiful. She intends to have her sister has the false image that she lives happily with Stanley. There is another possible reason why Stella hides the truth-she deeply loves Stanley, she can endure or forgive all the things that Stanley has done. That's why she has covered Stanley's behavior and defending for Stanley.
Why does Blanche flirt with Stanley? After all, Stanley is her sister's husband! In my opinion, she does so just because she wants to prove her charm and fascination to man. As I mentioned before, she put emphasize on her appearance, certainly she wants to attract other's sights. In addition, she wants to be the center of the attention in the group of people, for example, she and Stella came back when the men were playing pokers, Stella introduced the guests to Blanche, immediately she replied "Please don't get up." She talked in this way just like she was so important and special. But Stanley did not think so; he satirized Blanche " Nobody's going to get up, so don't be worried." He used a rude attitude to response to Blanche's arrogance, which is quite interesting.


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