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In this novel, Eunice shouldn't be ignored ,either. Usually we only
noticed about the main characters, but actually Eunice played an
important role sometimes. I would like to say that she was the
"intermedium" between Stella and Blanche. why? Because when the
first time Blanche came to Stella's house, Eunice was the one who
directed Blanche the plce and told Stella about her sister's coming.
Without her, maybe Blanche was still finding the building, and
Stella wouldn't come back to meet her sister so soon. Besides,
at the end part of the novel, while Stella was struggling if
sent Blanche to hospital or not, Eunce was also the one who help
her to make right desicion, and the decision stopped the whole
event, making a good end.Eunice made the two sisters got together
at first, ane then seperated them again. Therefoe I said Eunice
was the intermedium of Stella and Blanche.
Actually Eunice's concepts were also the standard of the
society at that time; she wasn't so weak and content as Stella and Mitch,
While she wasn't like Blanche and stanley who had so much desirs
and radical personalities. So Eunice didn't belong to each side of the
Sexual Symbols--- Ther are many sexual symbols in the novel , and some
of them are really so shameful to speak out. But here I still need to
mention some examples of them: P70,the last two pharagraphs-- what
Stela has asked Blanche meaned that Blanche must have desires of
love and even sex. P84, first line of Blanche; P109,line 3,4;
p126, first line of Stanley,... .
Music--- different kinds of music were playe din different situations.
When each of the character hasd sexual desires, "blue piano" would be heard
at that time. The Varsouviana music always appeared when Blanche started
to ecall her terrible life which made her nervous and sad. We can hear
"trumpet and drums" played when stnaley was happy and triumphant.
Death--- When the Mexican woman came and sold flowers to Blanche,
she was afraid because she thought that th eflowers was symbols of death.
And she once said, "death,..., the opposite is desire" (p120) She thought
she would lost everything after she was dead.


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