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In my opinion, this is a very worldly play. Tennessee Williams show us the things that may happen to around us in the daily life. He discloses that the original desire in humanity will cause serious problems. Additionally, I think this play is somewhat similar to the recent phenomenon in Taiwan. For example, the scene "Poker Night" reminds me the gambling activities in Taiwan. Some people in Taiwan still play a kind of gambling calledłÂ±Nat their leisure, and it is the same that people always show their true personality in gambling. Some people become very rude and vulgar if they lose money. Some couples even have an argue with each other on account of gambling like Stanley and Stella.
Then, I would like to talk about the three main characters, Stanley, Blanche, and Stella in the following.
(1) Stanley: He came from the common class. He is a very violent, crude, and moody person. He treats everyone crudely, even sometimes to his wife. For instance, he*s always smashed things, even on his wedding night. In addition, on the poker night, Stella had a quarrel with Stanley. Stanley still beat her though she has been pregnant. He is very realistic and cares a lot for money. For example, when he knew Stella and Blanche lost Belle Reve, he was eager to know the truth. Also, I think Stanley is a sexist. He thinks women just can depend on men and women are possessed by men completely after marriage, even their property. Unlike the men in Belle Reve, he rarely shows any respect to women. As for the part of his emotion, I think he puts more emphasis on physical love than spiritual love. That is , he always loves a person out of the brutal desire.
(2) Blanche: In this play, Blanche came from an aristocratic background in Southern Belle Reve as Stella. However, their philosophy of life is different though they had the same family education before. Their different view toward how to live their life leads them to different roads. Blanche puts a great emphasis on manners and appearance. She think men should be as gentle as possible; therefore, she can*t put up with Stanley*s rudeness and violence. I think her beauty should be classified in the "delicate" category. Her beauty is too "artificial". What I mean is that her beauty has been refined by the powder which she uses. That is why in Scene One, it said, "Her delicate beauty must avoid a strong light." She probably uses a lot of powder in order not to let people see her wrinkles. She is afraid to let others know her real age and appearance. She wants to be attractive forever. Besides, Blanche always lacks the sense of security. Thus, she is easy to get nervous. Also, it causes her to tell some little lies to conceal herself. These lies form the protection for her and stop her from being hurt. She stands in the opposite position to Stanley in this play. Stanley is too realistic and focuses on the importance of truth. On the contrary, Blanche is the one who afraid of truth. That is also probably the reason that she is not only afraid of Stanley but the strong light.
(3) Stella: In my opinion, Blanche and Stanley both play an important part in Stella*s life. Blanche is a symbol of Stella*s past because they have the same family background. Blanche symbolizes the noble world-Belle Reve. On the contrary, Stanley is a symbol of Stella*s future because Stanley is her husband, the one she will be in company with in the rest of her life. Stanley symbolizes a realistic world-the French Quarter of New Orleans. Stella wanders and hesitates between these two opposite worlds. I believe there*re mant conflicts in her mind. However, eventually she still turns her back on Blanche and surrenders to Stanley probably for some kind of desire. That is, she throws the noble family education behind and puts herself in the satisfaction of worldly happiness. I think her personality is similar to the traditional Chinese women. What she wants is merely a simple and common marriage life. She is considerate of others and forgives others* faults easily. She is tolerated with others. Her personality is just like the words Blanche said in Scene Three, "Is this a Chinese philosophy you*ve-cultivated?"
Moreover, I think the characters have different views toward "Death" and "Violence" in the play.
I think the death around Blanche also leads her to the lack of the sense of security. She also thinks the death costs money and lets their hometown vanish. She is the one who is afraid of the death most. This can be proved in Scene One (p26-27)
Furthermore, I think Stanley is the one who executes violence and Stella is always the victim. Because of Blanche*s decent family background , she can*t accept violence absolutely. She thinks violence is a kind of vulgar and savage action. Stella has been accustomed to violence. Stanley also doesn*t think it is a big deal. Mitch doesn*t care much about violence as well. He thinks it is a common thing which happens in marriage life. This can be prove in the lines between Mitch and Blanche in p.61.


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