Journal I

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I want to introduce more details about the characters. When Blanche stayed at Stella's home. Stanley was very unsatisfied. It was because he thought that Blanche was not a good woman. He knew more about her things. Blanche has a boyfriend when she hasn't come there. She was very love that guy. The guy also loved Stella. He always wrote some poems to her and admired her. One time, when they joined a party, Blanche missed her boyfriend, she found that he stay with a man together. She was very upset and ran away. The guy was very ashamed and he committed crime. Afterward, Blanche began irregular. Stanley also knew that when she was a teacher, she loved her student.
However, the mother of student complained Blanche, and she was asked out of the school. When she came to Stella's house. She saw every man , she will show her sexual to them. Blanche have even asked Stella went away with her, when Stanley heard their conversation. He didn't like blanche very much. So Stanley planned to take her out.


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