Journal II

PosterĄG Iren Lai at 16:0:38 6/11/98 from

I'm so sorry. Because I type slow, so now I continue my second journal.
Blanche was very pay attention in her appearance. Her boyfriend's death gave her a large shock. The time hasn't waited for her. She was almost thirty years old. She didn't want anyone found the wrinkles and the age evidences. I think maybe she want to cheat her. She regarded herself was the young age that she met her boyfriend.
Stanley also argued with Stella, Stanley wanted Blanche left them. Stella said Stanley didn't understand Blanche, Stella knew Blanche was a poor woman indeed. She sympathy with her sister. However, Stanley hasn't any sympathy with Blanche. He was a cruel man.
In the other hand, I think Mitch loved Blanche. He wanted to marry with Blanche. However, when he loved all about her things, he didn't want to marry her. One of reasons was his mother has an ill almost died, she wanted he get married before she died, if his mother knew what about Blanche is, I think his mother will die immediately. So this thing struck at Blanche more.


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