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After reading the play, I found that Blanche was very pitiful because it seems that there's no one loves her or concerns her at the end of the play, even if Stella let the doctor took her away. Anyway, I think that Stella was reluctant to do so, however, love is the most important think to a woman and Stanley was so important to her, that's why she chose stay with him and let him get rid of Blanche.
Blanche always failed in love affairs in her life. She had many lovers but none of them treated her with his heart or really loved her. I think that at the beginning of the play, Blanche went to find Stella was in a heartbroken mood. According to scene nine what Blanche said, before she came to New Orleans, she had many intimacies with men. She said 'After the death of Allan (her young husband)-intimacies with strangers was all I seemed able to fill my empty heart with.' As Stella said that Blanche ever was a very good and straight girl when she was very young. She loved her husband very much, but to her surprised, she found that he loved men, and finally he killed himself. Maybe her husband's death, Stella's leaving and her family's death made her feel so lonely and she might thought that there's no one can give her safety, she was so void in her heart. I think that her husband's death was a serious frustration to her because she couldn't accept the fact and maybe she thought that she caused him to die. She always wanted to find another man to replace the position of her husband in her heart so that she could feel safe and settled, and they can repair her love desire. That's why she always intimacies with men. But unluckily, whoever she met wasn't a good man, she was abandoned or played one by one and finally was regarded as an immoral woman and was told by the mayor to get out of the town. At that time, she has no money and no place t olive for Belle Reve was slipped out and she quitted her occupation. She could lean on nobody but Stella for she was her mere family, that's why she went to find her.
Actually, Blanche was totally hurt by her old beaus in Laurel just before she found Stella. She thought that she could start her new life with her sister but also her sister's husband. She never thought the result would be like that. Unfortunately, she not only couldn't get along with Stanley, but also her speaking and action made him hated her. Blanche looked down at Stanley for she was comparing him to the gentlemen she had met before. We can see that she called him Polack, ape or brute, etc, because he was wild and violent that Blanche couldn't stand for. And that made Stanley angry for he always regarded himself as a king and now he was said as an ape! To Stanley, Blanche was a hypocritical woman for she always pretended herself as a noble and told many lies to everyone, but in fact she was an immoral woman he thought. Stanley was very angry that the line Blanche's been feeding to Mitch for Mitch was his good old friend, he couldn't stand that Mitch was cheated by her. That's why he told him what he knew about Blanche.
Stanley's revelation of Blanche's history was a fatal to Blanche. Basically, she went there in order to escape the society she lived, to forget her unhappy past. She thought that there's no one will know her so that she could start a new live with them. But now, the whole history of her was revealed and she was falling in love with Mitch. She was so afraid and nervous that Mitch would leave her like other men she had met before. As we know that Mitch's appearance was a hope and a treatment to Blanche's empty heart. His gentle and kindness make her feel so comfortable and safe, maybe she didn't really love him but he appeared in a right time that Blanche was finding a person to protect her, to love her. That's why she fell in love with him. On the other hand, Mitch also wanted a woman for he wanted to fulfill his mother's will before she die. I think their love isn't the real and true one but is some kind of transaction that can reach their needs.
After listening to Stanley's discovering of Blanche's past, Mitch became very angry for he believed in her from the beginning. Because he didn't really love her, that's why he changed his mind not to marry her. His sudden change frustrated Blanche very much. At the beginning, she thought she's lucky that God had sent Mitch to her, but at the end, she knew that that was only a false appearance. It seems that God Have already brought her to the heaven from the earth and the angel there suddenly flung her down to the underground without letting her breath a morsel of air there. I think this treatment was too cruel to a helpless woman. She not only could not start a good new life there, the people there even made her more mad, Stanley's insult and hate, Mitch abandon and scorn, these defeats finally drove her out of normal thought and became crazy. Blanche never stuff her desire of love in her life, she was an always loser in love affairs. She was poor that no one willing to help her, to forgive her past. Actually I think she was sad about her past. She also didn't want to intimacy with so many men, just think about it, which woman wanted to be played with so many men, to go bed with so many men, but she can't help it because she didn't meet the one who really loved her. She also wanted to be a pure, very lady, that's why she always pretended. She never rested by finding a right man for herself and also she never got rid of the name 'immoral woman' of her. That's why she never had a real love in her life.
At the end of the play, Blanche's madness made me think of the woman of 'The Yellow Wallpaper'. Both of them suffered from the strange things and sounds that they fancied. But I think the woman of 'The Yellow Wallpaper' is more luckier and happier than Blanche for she could release herself and found her happiness evenatally though she was crazy. On the other hand, Blanche was crazy but she still lived in a horrible and cool world without any loves. She could not reach her dream that to marry a gentleman who did really love her at the end.


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