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Through the whole novel, Blanche isthe role I am interested in most.
With the plot developes, my idea of the importanat and outstanding
role changes a lot.
In the beginning of the story, when Blanche first arrived in New Orleans,
her appearrance and what she said reveal readers some personalities of her.
The attention she pay to her appearance goes through all the story. At the time
she arrived in Srella's,(p15)"her appearance is incongruous to this setting....
lookong as if she were arriving at a summer tea or cocktail party in the garden
district." when Stella meets her at home, she still worries about her appearance
and she says,"but don't you look at me, stella, no,no,no,not till later, not till
I've bathed and rested." At the time when stella wants to introduces Blanche to stanley
, she is not willing to for she dose't have time to dress up. When Stella and Blanche
were going to enter the room while men were playing Poker, Blanche still asked Stella , "
how do I look?" Even when the story comes to the last part while Mitch has known all her
past and lies and comes to meet her, she dosen't forget to make up and keeps Mitch waiting
for a period of time outside the door. I think her emphsis on "outside" appearance is resulted
from lacking self-confidenc. In my own opinion, Blanche dosen't really know what "LOVE"is. She
just want to be needed and wanted by someone and that is her way to prove the value and importance
of herself. Therefore, the love between her and Mitch is not real just like what Mitch says, (p96)"
you need sombody and I need sombody, too.Could it be-you and me, blanche?" (p118)Blanche says to Mitch,"
you said you need sombody. Well, I need sombody , too. I thanked God for you, because you seem to be gentle-
a cleft in the rock of the world that I could hide in!" Confidence-lacking and wrong concept of love's meaning
is also an important factor resulting in her indecent behavior after her husband's death. (p118) "after the death
of Allan- intimacies with strangers was all I seemed able to fill my empty heart with...I think it was panic, just
Another symbole in the story is the meaning of "LIGHT" and "DARK." "LIGHT" is the truth and fact that Blanche dosen't
has the courage to face. On the contrary, "DARk" for her is a place where she can take refuge and feel safe. Therefore,
many scenes in the story are dark and dim when Blanche shown up. (p15)The description of Blanche when she arrived is "
her beauty must avoid a strong light."(p19)Blanche asks Stella not to look at her,"turn that light off! Turn that off!"
Actually, not only the outside appearance is not young and beautiful so she has to avoid the light in order not to be seen
too clearly but the beautiful and ideal world built up with beautiful lies would be totally distroied by the light- the "TRUTH."
When Mitch came to see her very angrily and depressedly because of Blanche's lies, Blanche said to Mitch,(p115)"This room is almost
dainty! I want to keep it that way." (p116)Mitch said, "It's dark here."
"I like it dark. The dark is comforting me," said Blanche. Then Mitch continues, "I don't think I ever seen you in the light. That's a
FACT!" (p117)Blanche said, "I don't want realism. I want magic!...I don't tell truth, I tell what ought to be truth. And if that's sinful,
then let me be damned for it! Don't turn that light on!" All these conversations show her weakness and worries of the fact and truth even
though it seems that somtimes she dose knows the truth she refuses to accept it and rather to stay in the world she build up with imagination!


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