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I found an interesting phonomonent in this play. There is always "blue piano" coming up when Blanche falls in her momeries. When Blanche talks to Stella that Belle Reve is lost, the music is showing up.(26) Another example is, when Blanche memorizes the bad momery of her marriage, the Polka music is increasing.(96) Besides, as Mitsh says that he will not marry her anymore because Blanche is not clean enough to bring in the house with his MOTHER, the piano is slow and blue.(97)
I think the symbolic meaning of music is express the inner part or feeling of the characters. Blue piano means very sorrowful and sad, so it can hint that how struggle in Blanche's heart.
About Blanche's past, she had a husband. unfortunately, her husband is a homosexual. She found him slept with another man. Her husband committed suicide after she insulted him, after she knows everything. Actually, Blanche is also hurt by her husband, and she is too shocked. though her husband killed himself, the shocking affair is still branded on her heart. Therefore, according to this understanding about Blanche, we will not feel that her behaviors are strange. For example, Blanche wants to make every man around her be closer to her,such as, Mitch and the Young Man. I think she lacks the sence of security, she is afriad that men will leave her away:she will lose them at the end,like her husband.This is also the reason why she cares about her appearence so much. She wants to attract men by her charming outfit, and it is also a mean for her to pretend. She does not want to face the truth, the realistic things.
About Mitch and Blanche, I think Mitch does not really love Blanche. He ALWAYS listens to his mother:he does whatever his mother wants him to do.For instant, he goes out to play poker with others because his mother wants him to go out, not his own idea: he wants Blanche to marry him, because his mother wants him to get married before she dies. Mitch is a chicken, when he knows Blanche's past, he can acceptit, because he thinks that Blanche is not clean enough to enter his house to be with his mother. The first thinking of Mitch is always his mother. Their relationship is a little unhealthy and strange.About Stanley and Blanche, they are always opposite to each other. Stanley is a violent and rude person, Blanche hardly can stand him.So she persuades her sister to leave Stanley. Stanley knows that, he thinks that Blanche is the vicious person who always wants to seperarte him and Stella.His marriage is threatened by Blanche, therefore, he wants to get rid of her.The basic of Stanley's marriage is physical desire. He can't lose Stella,and either can Stella. But, in my opinion, their pjysical desire is the main part of their marrige life,but not the whole. they still love each other, in their oen way.
About Stella and Blanche, they have become different since Stella left Belle Reve. Their outfits are differene, Blanche is as charming as a twenty-year-old lady, but Stella is totally like a housekeeper. Their definition of love and that of life are also different.Stella seems to be comfortable and is used to those things, but Blanche can't understand. Stella likes her sister, but sometimes, Blanche's unreasonable behaviors drives her crazy and loses her patience.And, when every time she and Stanley, or Blanche and Stanley has a row, Stella always stand on Stanley's side,finally. Even after Stanley slaps her, she still returns to him.Even after Blanche makes so many unpleasant critics on Stanley, she still wants to be with him.
If Stanley was an ape, Blanche should be a moth. The battle between these two is totally unfair because the ape will win the battle absolutely.


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