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The foundation of Stanley and Stella's marriage lies in their sexual life. This is their most important part of their marriage. In the scene four, Stella has said, " There are things that happen between man and woman in the dark--that sort of make everything else seem--unimportant." These words show her viewpoint of love obviously. Differ from Blanche, Stella preffers to have more physical love. From the words that Blanche said, "What you are taiking about is brutal desire--just--Desire." It tells that Blanche disagree with her sister at all. Although she frequently flirt with men, it is her way to get along with men. It does not mean that she wants to have sex with them but just wants to cause their attention.
Besides Stella's sexual desire toward Stanley, she depents on her husband extremely. We can find the proofs from the scene one. When Stella talked about Stanley to Blanche, she said, "I can hardly stand it when he is away for a night,...When he's away for a week, I nearly go wild...." It seems quite difficult and upset for Stella to depart Stanley even just for a brief time. It also predicts that in the scene four, when Blanche asked Stella to make a choice between she and Stanley, why Stella still preffers to stay with Stanley.
And about the tense atmosphere between Stanley and Blanche, it has several causes. Form the very beginning, Stanley has already suspect the reality of Blanche words. About the wine, her experience, and the lost of Bele Reve. Then, he even found that the relationship between he and Stella has influenced by the coming of Blanche. He felt threatened and so he even gave Blance a ticket to leave. Although he is brutish, he in deed loves and needs Stella. So he tried his best to protect his marriage.
And through the play, the author used lots of things to express what he wanted to show the readers. The music is one of the important way. Among the music, "blue music" is played most in the play. As we know, "blue" is a kind of Jazz music. It differs from the classical music which has fixed melody to memorize. Blue music preformers play it with their own feeling. They try to share their affections and experience with the listeners by their music. Therefore, Blues is not a dream but a reality. Because this reason,we know why the author used the "Blue piano"to be the background music. The music is around the whole place at the beginning, so it seems stand for the reality which could be contrasted with Blanche's illusion. During the whole play, when Blanche tried to hide in her illusional world, the "blue piano" would grow louder to remind her the reality. At the end when Blanche was sent away, the blue piano kept on playing. This reveals that Blanche can not adjust their world which is full of the reality that Blanche always fears to face.


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