Journal on Drama 3

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Journal on drama 3

I. There are some symbols I'd like to talk about.

Life is like cards. The art of not being played in others' palms is quite challengeous. Mitch is the winner of the game in the drama, probably means that earnest man wins. Stanley doesn't win, but he has the disposition of being a leader throughout the play.

Bowling game
Suggests the life of the low class people. Life is like crashing---the sound of bowling. Stanley is the leader of the bowling team, meaning that he survives well in New Orleans.

Blanche in this drama represents a tense nerve woman. She always wants to have a hot bath whenever someone or something gets her nervous. Probably water here means Blanche's wanting to be pure as possible though she is not. Probably she wants her love to be innocent and well behaved. Probably water also suggests that her being raped by Stanley at the end this drama. She wants to wash out all her dirtiness and regain her stainlessness and chastity. But at the end we saw she fails.

As Ray told, the meat Stanley threw to Stella is the symbol of sexuality. They are satisfied with each other. That's why Stella chose to stay with Stanley instead of leave with Blanche.

Mexican woman and the flowers

Representing the different characteristics of roles in the drama. Stanley is Capricorn, which represents the sexuality of human nature. Blanche is Virgo, meaning she is pure and innocent. As for Stella, we don't know. But she is a woman with easy-compromising characteristic, in my opinion.

Young boy
It's the hope for Blanche to regain her confidence, also to make up for her fault of causing her ex-husband's death, in her opinion.

Steve and Eunice
They are the typical symbol of happiness, in Hawasaki's sight. Stanley and Stella have had this kind of happy life but was destroyed with Blanche's arrival.

II. Relationship between another three characters

We talked about Stanley, Stella and Blanche in journal 2, and I'd like to talk about another triangle, which consists of Mitch, Stanley, and Blanche. This triangle indeed has something to do with love and reaction between men and women. There is absolutely no love between Stanley and Blanche, but Stanley rapes Blanche during the night Stella is in the hospital. Blanche and Mitch have sort of love in the couple of days Blanche stays in New Orleans. What I'm quite curious about is the affection between Mitch and Blanche. Do they really love each other? Remember Mitch says, "Stella, you need somebody, and I need somebody, too. Could that be you and me?" Notice the word "need." It is very possible that they just need each other. The reason I said this is because I know that both Mitch and Blanche had something painful in their romance, that is, their loved died. Blanche's beautiful dream foamed away at the moment her ex-husband shot himself with a revolver, while Mitch's lover died for disease. They seem not to have the courage to love someone again. And they met each other; trying to find back the feeling they have had but reserved and hidden for a very long time. Unfortunately, they still don't succeed.


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