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In my opinion, the poker game in a breaking point of this play. The relationship between Stella and Stanley is getting more and more clear that their marriage is based on sexual relationship. And in fact, Stanley quite relied on Stella and seems that he can't leave her for a while, and since Stella can't sometimes stand Stanley's rudeness but owing to that she can not resist the physical attraction of him, she came back to him eventually. And the relationship between Stanley and Blanche was getting worse. In one hand, to Blanche , Stanley is like an animal, she can't endure his impolite behavior and even was scared of it. In the other hand, Stanley can not stand Blanche's sensibility. She always wanted to make herself perfect in front of people and always acted so precisely right graceful. To Stella, the position of her was pretty embarrassing, because she was a poor sandwich between Stanley and Blanche, one is her husband and another is her sister, so she can't choose one between them but in fact, Stanley's position in Stella 's heart was higher than Blanche. Mitch was a good boy to her mother but to Blanche, he was too obedient to her mother, and actually, he was as pure and childlike as a little boy. Maybe he reminded Blanche of her late young husband, so she quite like him, and the same situation happened to the young man came to collect newspaper fee. I think Blanche can't resist the power of young man. Stanley preoccupied Blanche was a bad woman, so he hinder the relationship between going on and that broke Blanche's heart and maybe deteriorate the fancy disease of her. Perhaps Blanche never met a man can resist her charming, and at first, Mitch seems to love her very much, and the next time, she lost him. And she can not understand how this happened, because they had a good time that night. When Stella was not at home for delivering the baby, Stanley became more impolite to Blanche, and this prove that Stella was the controller of the whole situation, she tried very hard to strike a balance between Blanche and Stanley. But once she was not at home, all the condition was out of control, and what Stanley said and did do great harm to her sister. Facing Stanley, Blanche was like a helpless bunny, all she could do was to hide herself and had no strength to defend herself. And Stanley had no mercy toward her; what he said was so straight to her that made her totally collapsed. The double harm coming from Mitch and Stanley brought Blanche a giant blow, and made her hide herself even deeper in the castle of fancy and imagination she made. In the end of this play, Blanche was sent to a treating center instead of going other places alone, and maybe this will do her good. And maybe Stella and Stanley will lead a happier life after the interruption of Blanche. But to Mitch, he is back to her mother and kept on being a good boy.


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