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Blanche was an extremely sensitive woman who was easily scared by anything. She lived in a world of illusion. Since she could not be satisfied in the reality she sought for comfort in her own imaginary world. I think this might be one reason for why Blanche rejected the bright light, for lights would expose everything, the truth but maybe ugly. However, she was somehow conscious of this falsity (ex. "I don't tell truth, I tell what ought to be truth."), for she was constantly tense and nervous of being discovered her lies. We can see her being very defensive towards people's accusations and eagerly giving excuses for herself, even if nobody was really blaming or saying anything against her.
Blanche had gone through too many misfortunes in her life. She felt not only lonely but also uncertain of herself. Therefore, she needed people's compliment and admiration in order to reassure herself. I think maybe it was the betrayal of her husband that made Blanche become so sensitive and uncertain. After all, it must be a big shock for a woman to find the person she most loved having an affair with another "man". Particularly for Blanche, who had grown up in a world in which all women should be seductive and admired by men, she could not bear this kind of insult and deceit. Even though, Blanche didn't seem to hate her husband. I think she still loved and missed him very much. In Blanche's narration about Allan, she showed no blaming to him. Instead, she was very thoughtful and even felt guilty for his death. Moreover, it was precisely this sense of guilt that increased Blanche's pressure and maybe intensified her madness.
Blanche was a pitiful woman. She had faced too many deaths and loneliness. Therefore she longed for protection and love, which she had never got even from her husband. The meaning of love for Blanche was totally different from Stanley's view. For Blanche, love had reached a more spiritual level rather than just sexual attractions. She kept loving and remembering her husband by keeping the love letters he had written to her. But when Stanley touched them Blanche said she would have to burn them because, symbolically, Stanley had fouled the pure love of two young people. In addition, we see that Blanche was very concerned at spiritual needs. She loved poetry and often talked in a poetical way; the men she loved were somehow related to poetry: Alan wrote poetry, Mitch had a poetry inscription on his cigarette case. This was a big difference between Blanche and Stanley, and was probably one main cause for their conflict in which Blanche's spiritual desires lost the battle to Stanley's physical power.


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