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The ending of the play shocks me very much!!
We can figure out that Stanley knows something that Blanche doesn't want to memorize and remember at last. He told his wife, Stella about those stories but she didn't want to believe them, instead telling Stanley Blanche was once a very lovely and thoughtful girl during they were still living in Belle Reve. Stella, at the beginning, always believed what Blanche said and trusted her words. But we can easily find out that she was persuaded by her husband later on because she didn't "want" to trust Blanche's words for she has been raped by Stanley, and agreed to send her to the crazy asylum. I think that Stella depends on her husband very much; she was very enjoying in the things that happened in the dark with Stanley; as a result, she was unwilling to leave that kind of relationship and her husband and finally sent her sister to the asylum. Besides, we can see that Stella and Stanley have the same strong sexual desire to each other at the end of the play.
Now, I'd like to talk about the triangle relationship between Stanley, Blanche and Mitch. I think there is no love but just desire between Stanley and Blanche. And the same is true in Blanche and Mitch's relationship. Mitch wanted Blanche to marry him by saying that " Blanche, you need somebody and I need somebody. Could that be you and me?" in my opinion, I don't think Mitch really loved Blanche and wanted her to marry him because he used the word-need instead the word-loveˇK Besides, we can also find out that Mitch trust Stanley's words more than he did trust Blanche's words. And he changed his mind not to marry that kind of "not clean enough" girl. I don't think someone would change his mind so quickly if he did love his lover. Then, as for the relationship between Blanche and Stanley, I think they both realize the attitudes that they have towards each other.
By the way, there are many symbols inside this play as well. For instance, as Blanche asked Stanley which sign he was born under, and at last knew he was born under the sign-Capricorn. Then she mentioned that hers was Virgo. In this example, we can find out that maybe the author wanted to reveal us Stanley was full of desire of human beings. And Blanche just wanted to keep herself from the desire and keep her pure all the timeˇK
I think the desire was all over inside this play. And the ending of the play and the reactions of Blanche and Stella at the end were really very surprised me!!


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