A Streetcar Named Desire(1~3)

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In scene one, the author points out the general
background and the main characters---Blanche,
Stella, and Stanley. And we can see some of their
characteristics. For example, in the very front
of this scene, we can see that Stanley acted
mannerlessly to Stella. In page 29 describes some
of his actions that can prove that he was not
exactly a gentleman. In scene two, he took Blanche's
personal letters without her permission. This
also shows his vulgarity. But I am very confused
why Stella still loved him. Blanche had ever told
her about this and hoped her could leave that
place and Stanley with her, but she refused. Maybe
Stella thought that everyone had different
characteristic and personality so she took how
Stanley acted as his habits. Stella herself might
have used to that and thought that were usual
things. She did not think Stanley did not love her.
Whenever they had quarrels, Stanley would say
sorry to her. As a consequence, perhaps she did
not care much about it. And I think the most
important thing is that she loved him. On page 15,
we can guess that Blanche was elegant and she
concerned more about how her looks. But Stella
was also a very emotional woman. When she told
Stella about what had happened to their family,
she was quite different from the one we see in
front. As to Stella, she seemed tender and she
was like a lamb before Stanley. Also, in the
first scene, we can see that Blanche and Stella
had very good relationship between them. (Page18~19)
Furthermore, Blanche seemed to concern Stella
much because she noticed Stella's getting fat and
talked about Stella's husband and her living
environment. When Stanley and Blanche first met
each other, the conversation between was a little
interesting, especially the part that Blanche and
Stanley talked about liquor. Blanche did not tell
the truth that she drank some of the liquor and
Stanley said, "Some people rarely touch it, but
it touches them often." I think Stanley was also
a little humorous.
The background of scene two is the poker game.
At first, Stanley and Stella argued with each
other. It was because Stanley thought Blanche
must be rich. But actually, Blanche was not as
rich as what Stanley thought. And in this scene,
there are some parts show Blanche flirted with men.
For instance, she asked Stanley to do something
about her dress. And also in scene three, she took
off her blouse and stands in her pink silk brassiere
and white skirt in the light through the portieres.
Later, the conversation between her and Mitch
was flirtatious. At first, I think this is her
interest. But because we know she concerned much
about her appearance and if she was slim enough,
that is, she cared no only how she looked herself
but how others looked her. So maybe she wanted
to prove that she was still attractive and charming.
These are some opinions about scene 1 to scene 3.
By the way, I think reading "A Streetcar Named
Desire" is much more interesting than reading "Wuthering Heights."


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