A streetcar named Desire

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In "A streetcar named desire", I quite interesting at two persons: Stanley and Stella. Stanley is a rough man. He has class district with Stella. Stella is upper than him. I think Stanley loved Stella very much, but at that time class district is very important, they are not suitable. Stanley didn't want everyone misunderstood he married her for money, and he is lower class. He hasn't enough education, in my opinion, Stanley hasn't any profits. He doesn't know how to express his love, so he treated Stella not so good, but Stella didn't care about. Stella's elder sister, Blanche, I thought she was very interesting in males. When she saw men, she has a lot of changes.
I can know Stanley was a rough and no manner person. One time, Stanley played the gambling with his friends. Stella took her sister went outside to avoid him, because at that time, his spirit was very bad. When they came home, they still have a gambling. Stella and Blanche listened to the radio. However, Stanley ordered Stella to turn it off, she hasn't done it. Stanley jumped up and crossed to the radio, turn it off. Stella has an argue with him. Stanley hit her, we can knew Stanley a rough, bad temper and impetuous person. Stella has pregnant at that time, he hit her. He hasn't pay attention to her life and her baby.
Actually, I don't know why Stella loved him so much. I didn't think that Stanley is a good guy.
In my opinion, I thought Stanley didn't like Blanche. He thought Blanche was rich but she didn't tell them where was their house without reasons.
In my life, I have a friend who has the similar experience. She has a boyfriend almost two years. He wasn't handsome, she lived in dormitory recently, and her boyfriend hasn't phoned her. Sometimes they have a dating. Her boyfriend forgot it, when he remembered and arrived, he hasn't any apologize. I think Love just like this. No reason just you like.


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