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First of all, I would like to talk about Blanche and Stella. Both of them came form the same higher class-Belle Reve, but their lives were totally different.
Stella married Stanley whom came from the lower class, and Blanche hadn't married yet. It seemed that Stella adapted with the environment very successfully. She could get along with her husband and his friends very well or even became one of them. However, she didn't forget the manners she learned in Belle Reve. For example, When Stanley yelled at her loudly, she would tell him to lower his voice. When Stanley gave her a loud whack on her thigh, Stella felt shame of it. She said, "It makes me so mad when he dose it in front of people." So far we realized that Stella was a combination with the upper class and the lower class. As for Blanche, she didn't understand the situation she was in. She would judge people or still behave like that she was in Belle Reve. In my opinion, the way she flirt with Stanley or the way she behaved to draw men's attention was the only way she knew to deal with men. Another possibility was that she always wanted to draw men's attention for proofing her attract. Blanche always paid much attention to her appearance and bathe. Although she was no longer rich, she still wanted to be looked richly and beautifully. She looked down to the place where Stella lived and I felt that she had a kind of pride of being upper person. Moreover, she gave Stella and Stanley different reasons to explain why Belle Reve was lost. Why did she do that? Did she really understand Stanley and Stella's characteristics at that moment? Or how could she tell them different reasons and made them accept it. Blanche had a nerve problem; on the contrary, Stella was an easy-going person.
Then I would like to talk about Stanley. Stanley was a self-center man and he thought that everything belonged to him. I am not sure that weather Stanley meant to talk to Blanche in that way or not. Unlike those gentlemen in Belle Reve, Stanley spoke very frankly or even ironic. For example, when he found that the liquor was down, he said to Blanche, " Some people rarely touch it, but it touches them often." Also I think he was so smart that he knew what's in people's minds. As for Stella and Stanley's marriage, there was a regular pattern. They may argue with each other in one second, but forgave each other pretty soon. For instance, when Stanley hit Stella and later bag for her return, Stella finally forgave him and was willing to go back to him. It seems amazing to me; somehow their relationship was so interesting. Stanley was described as an animal and it seemed that he enjoyed his early among women. He judged a woman by her appearance and figure. Somehow he didn't flirt with Blanche. Maybe he didn't like Blanche at all or he didn't want to flirt with his wife's sister. In the conversation between Stanley and Blanche, we could see the different values between two classes. For example, when Blanche came back to the house, she said," Please don't get up." And Stanley said," Nobody's going to get up, so don't be worried." In Blanche's value from Belle Reve, gentlemen should get up when ladies came in. In Stanley's value, those upper manners were not so important. Unlike Stanley, Mitch seemed to be more considerate and gentleman. So Blanche liked to talk to Mitch.
In this play, it was full of many sounds and colors. Unfortunately, I don't know most of the meanings except the song" Blue Piano." It often appeared in a sad, upset situation. Also I don't know the meaning of jokes that those people laughed at. As for sexual image, I have no slight idea.


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