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Novel Journal
Greg Chen
Wuthering Heights
When in the junior high school I have already read this novel-but in Chinese version. What impressed me was that this novel is long and a little bit boring. Some dialogs between the characters and especially servant Joseph*s words( with religious thoughts), I think, must be very significant, but unfortunately I can hardly understand. The mutual affections are haunted and complicated, but direct and strong-whether love and hatred. Reading the English version is somewhat confusing, it has numerous vocabularies! However, I think we can not ignore its literal status and should appreciate its literal skills( like the expression of the emotion).
At first the narrator-Mr. Lockwood shows up. In my opinion, he is a person that is unrefined. He is also strange, and I have found some clues. The place where he is going to live, in fact, is full of moors and bogs, almost a barren land. The weather is often stormy and windy. The atmospheric tumult must be quite uncomfortable. It is not a cozy place for people to live. But it seems that Mr. Lockwood is satisfied with the new environment( He said" This is certainly a beautiful country!) Ridiculous! I think no common people would like to stay in that kind of awful, desolate place. Therefore, I think Mr. Lockwood is some sort of weird. From the attitude Mr. Lockwood has toward the persons in the height, he is always flattering. He wants to shorten the distance and make friends. But he got the opposite result, people there are not friendly at all. Also he likes to imagine. He always let his mind go above the fact-regardless whether he realizes the truth or not. He just judges things by his direct reflections or the first impression. Like he expects that Heathcliff and he will become good friends, he believes that he is more sociable compared with Heathcliff and he even regard "a heap of dead rabbits" as Mrs.Heathcliff*s favorite( too soon to judge with certainty). What*s more, he is not a man with decent manner. When he is alone with the fierce dogs, he is too bored to wink and to make faces at the dogs in order to insult them. I think a wise gentleman won*t behavior like that to tease or even to irritate the dogs. It is really childish.
In Mr. Lockwood*s first dream he holds a thick ferocious stick to rap back the people. In the second one "he pulls the woman spirit*s wrist on to the broken pane, and rubbed it to and fro till the blood ran down and soaked the bed-clothes*" I found actually he is very violent in his dreams, not like in his real life. As to why he burst out during Jabes* lecture about "sin", I think it*s a release. In the real life Mr. Lockwood intends to be friendly and polite, even all the people are not friendly and he is not well-served, he still tries his best to be nice and tender. But in his dream he can*t endure anymore*
It seems that the persons in the Wuthering Heights do not welcome the newcomers, even between themselves they are not harmonious. They treat each other uncordially and impolitely-though they live together. I feel a deep hatred. Heathcliff is a mysterious guy. In his appearance he shows that he is cruel and bad-tempered, but when he hears about Mr. Lockwood*s nightmare, he can not help crying. At that moment his indifference disappears and the sincere affection comes instead. He is so frail to bag Catherine*s spirit coming back. That*s what impressed me.
Reading an original novel is a new challenge. The characters in "Wuthering Heights" are vivid and special. The theme is attractive. I think I*ll feel more comfortable on reading the novel~


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