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Lisa Chen
Journal on "Wuthering Hights" (Chp.1-9)
Well, I have to admit that I don't really like this type
of novel. The whole story itself is just too sad and dark and full of revenge which makes me feel gloomy after reading. But still
I think there are plenty of issues that are worth discussing. In
my opinion, this is a very complicated novel dealing with lots of
sharp conflicts and emotions, different characters and personalities. Compare with the poems we study before, the
words used in the novel is harderĄKI am really afraid I won't
be able to understand this novelĄKStill, I'll try my best.
This novel is basically described by two people-Mr. Lockwood and Nelly. From chapter one we can tell that Mr. Lockwood is a very curious and subjective person. He described
as he understands Heathcilff very much. And he said he felt
interested in Heathcliff for he is more exaggeratedly reserved
than him. I think the reason why Mr. Lockwood wants to know Heathcliff more is because he himself felt that somehow they
seemed to have something in common in their personalities. That
is why he visited Heathcliff the next day. To me, Heathcliff is a
reserved, mysterious and wild man. And his personality had a lot
to do with his growing environment and treatment by others, especially by Catherine. Actually, we only see Heathcliff from
Mr. Lockwood's perspective (old) and then in Catherine's diary.(young) so our thoughts and impressions on each characters
may easily be influenced by the narrator. We can only try to remind ourselves to be objective toward this story, but it really too hard to jump out of their thoughts. When Heathcliff is
small, Earnshaw was really nice to him, even nicer than his children. Thus, this had turned Heathcliff to a haughty and pride
boy. When Earnshaw died, everything changed. Hindley had used
every ways to torture him for he envied the love Heathcliff got
from his father. He ordered him to work at the farm instead of
giving him further education and treat him like a dog. From then, Heathcliff became more reserved and weird. His heart was
filled with revenge and hatred. It is only when he is with Catherine
can he forget those evil thoughts. Mentioning about Catherine, she is a very very important person to Heathcliff. She accepts
him when everybody else despise him and keep away from him.
I think Heathcliff must loved Catherine very much for she is
the only one who cares about him and treat him like a friend.
To Heathcliff, Catherine is all he got. That's why when he heard
"It would degrade me to marry Heathcliff." He ran away desperately, thinking that Catherine had betrayed her. Catherine's attitude had changed after her stay at the Grange.
She starts to see the different level and class between she and Heathcliff and become alluded by vanity. In my personal opinion, Catherine view of love and marriage is so ridiculous and full of conflicts. She said to Nelly that if she is married to Edgar, then she could aid Heathcliff to rise, and place him out of her brother's power. Catherine didn't realize that all Heathcliff want is not fame or power, all he ever wanted is to have Catherine! Catherine was so naive to think that her and Heathcliff's love would still be perfect even if she ismarried to Edgar. She once said," My love for Linton is like the foliage in the woods. Time will change it, I'm well aware, as winter changes the trees-my love for Heathcliff resembles the eternal rocks beneath-a source of little visible delight, but necessary. I am Heathcliff-he's always, always in my mind-not as pleasure, any more than I am always pleasure to myself."
The appearance of the ghost is the part of what makes
this story a gothic novel. Gothic elements contains remote setting and deals with death, ghost and something superficial.
for instance, the views and sights in Wuthering Heights has
gothic quality.
It has so many things to think and discuss just looking at the first chapters. Sigh~ it's really a tough story. Also I don't
really understand why the author put the ghost (Catherine) into
the chapter, is this trying to tell or imply us something? Also, I
didn't analyze other characters. I'll do it on next journal. Thanks


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