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Wuthering Heights is a Gothic Novel. Gothic Novel is a kind of strange, mysterious stories with the background of the medieval age, and which was especially popular in England in the eighteenth century. Usually this kind of novel would present, most frequently, a spectral castle, haunted abbry, subterranean vault and rooms with corpse, skull and bones inside as the elements of mystery to evoke terror.
Emily used a special technique of writing to narrate the story; narrate from the angles of two narrators -- Mr. Lockwood and Nelly Dean. Based on Lockwood's curiosity and Nelly's recall interweave the story. Lockwood is just, in my opinion, a listener, he could only listen to Nelly's statement and make his own subjective judgement. But as for Nelly, it seems that she was the only one in the Wuthering Heights who could clearly tell the right and wrong things. Besides, I personally think that it is also an elaborately-arranged coincidence Emily made that the main plot is led out by the "wuthering weather". Because the reason the "Wuthering Heights" is called "Wuthering" is based on the stormy weather its station is exposed. And Lockwood visited Heathcliff for the second time in the weather of a big storm so that he was not able to go home and stayed in the Wuthering Heights. At that night he've seen many secrets and dreamed some strange dreams, and by which these caused his curiosity eagerly to know more about this house. So he came to Nelly, the housekeeper of the Thrushcross Grenge, and within her recalls of the life in the Wuthering Heights, the story begins.
The story begins with the description of the coldness and indifference in the Wuthering Heights. All the members in the house hate one another, just like the weather outside, it always filled with low pressure in Wuthering Heights. The atmosphere is rough, cold and violent. It is quite strange that why would people act like that even though they are all living together in one house. This makes readers wonder and curious to read on to find the reasons.
When Lockwood stayed in the Wuthering Heights he had two dreams. One is about he was listening to a preacher explaining seventy times seven sins. Well, maybe it is because he was too impressed with that old religious servent Joseph so he would have such a religious dream. But as for another dream it was not funny at all. He dreamed a girl who was making a noise by knocking the window and Lockwood was disturbed with this and tried to break the branched (he thought it was the brancher making this noises). But he came to realize the object he held was a girl's hand he was scared. That was was Chatherine, appearing in a soul form in Lockwood's dream. She told that she've been a wait for twenty years to get inside the house. Twenty years, indeed. From the day of Catherine's death till 1801 it's almost twenty years. But the spirit wouldn't het old so she still looks so young. During this period Catherine's soul was always out there waiting for Heathcliff, and when Heathcliff knew that he was not scared but badly eager to see her,which shows that they really love each other.
Also, in chapter nine, Catherine said "my love for Heathcliff resembles the eternal rocks beneath - a source of little visible delight, but necessary." It also proves taht their love is ever existing even though they were in two different woulds. Within chapter one to nine we could already understand the strong love between Heathcliff and Catherine.
I've also found one thing I think it interesting and humorous. In chapter three when Lockwood was in Catherine's room and found the books he said "its state of dilopidation proved it to have been well used, thought not altogether for a legitimate purpose;" Heaven knows she used to throw the book when Joseph asked her to read. This is the legitimate purpose.
After reading this so far I would never image how could I live in the Wuthering Heights.


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