Wuthering Height I

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At first I want to ask why did the teacher asked us to read this play. I think that you always make us read stories about ghost or horror. I am not saying that I don't like it. Actually I liked the short stories from last semester but I really don't like this book. First because it is too difficult to understand it have too many conflicts and characters. The reason why this novel is so hard is because the conflict is always changing. At first it is talking about the character and the place where the character is but suddenly he is in another place. This really confuses me. Second I don't like this novel is because the plot is too weird and scary. I don't like love story or scary novel and the less I would like to read would be a mixture of these two topics. Even though I don't like it but I still have to write journal and read the whole book. This is my personal opinion about this book.
My first journal I will try to write it without answering the question you gave us but I will try to give all I know about the novel.
First I want to talk about Heathcliff; he is a very lucky guy. Old Earnshaw found him. He was treated very well, and this made old Earnshaw's sons be jealous. When the old man die this kid was torture by the brothers (old Earnshaw's sons.) In Heathcliff's mind there was only one person named Catherine. He could only get away of his evil thought when he was with Catherine. When he was working his mind would be fulfilled by revenge and how to make his "brothers suffer" it doesn't say it in the book but I am sure Heathcliff has his thoughts. One day he heard Catherine say that it would degrade her to marry Heathcliff. Heathcliff couldn't believe what he heard but it was true. The only person has betrayed him what could he do? This is why Heathcliff is so weird, so wild and unpredictable.
Second: I want to talk about the setting and the weather of the novel. Because of this two elements the books is more scary than usual. At the beginning we can see that the whole place has tough weather and cloudy skies, it's like there were no moons or suns. There is almost always storm in this mansion. Because of the weather the characters or the people who lives on this house always look scary, looks like if they were very violent and have wick mind. The image I have of the house. There is the living room with a chimney. Is like the only source of light come from the chimney and if they need to go some where else they have to light a candle. The whole house is like a ghost house because it must be very dark, some kind of wet, cold and with some smell of moisture.
This novel is a very good novel, it is well written but unfortunately it is not the type I like or use to read.


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