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The first narrator is Lockwood. I think he
is a very curious man, and sometimes I think he
is very hypocritical. He said he is not sociable
, however, from his interests in Heathcliff and
his background and everything he sees we can
clearly know that he is sociable. He pretends to
be friendly to others in order to get closer to
them. He said Heathcliff is the solitary
neighbor that he should be troubled, but I think
it is himself that looks for trouble because his
I think he is very subjective when he
narrate the story. He would have a picture or
imagine a picture of something in his mind at the
first sight. I find that Lockwood is very
interested in Heathcliff. In the first chapter,
he said I felt interested in a man who seemed
more exaggeratedly reserved than myself. I think
this must be one of the reasons why he paid
second visit although he was not welcome in the
first visit. I think the other reason is
Wuthering Height itself. I also found that maybe
Lockwoods thinks Heathecliff is very similar with
himself, therefore, he said he bestows his own
attributes over-liberally on him. He thinks
Heathecliff love and hate, equally under cover,
and esteem it a species of impertinence to be
loved or hated again just like him, but in this
aspect I think he is too subjective again.
I think this maybe has something with his love
experience that he ran away when the girl came to
him. In some way, I think he is too subjective
because he had made an adjudgement before he
knows thoroughly about Heathcliff, although
Heathcliff is just like what he said.
In apperence, Heathcliff is a very cold an
indifferent. It seems that he doesn't have any
human passion. For example, at first when he
knows that the ghost of younger Catherine had
come, he tries his best not to let others know
his emotions, and he keeps his emotions under
cover, however, when Lockwood had been out of
room he shows his eager emotions for Cathrine.
I think it is a presence of his making his
emotions under cover, and it must be the reason
why he don't let others into the room where he
can show his emotions without being seen his real

I think we can also see this kind of
property of Heathcliff in his childhood.
Heathcliff was brought to Cathrine's home like a
dirty, ragged, blac-haired savage. Hindley and
Cathrine do not like him, even Hindley hated him.
I think one of the reasons is that hsi voline had
been broden because him. And the most important
reason is that Hindley thinks that Heathcliff is
a usurper of his parents' affections and his
privilege. For these reasons, he treats him
badly, while Heathcliff is sullen, and patient
, and harden. I think this may be the initiation
of making his emotions under cover. I am not
sure why Catherine changed her attituedes towards
Heathcliff, but I think there is something in
common between Catherine's peersonality and
Heathclif's personality, and maybe that is the
reason why she does not hate him just like her
brother does, or maybe girls have more sympathy.
As for how the dogs presented here, I can
not get a clear picture of this yet. All I know
is that the dogs always appears or attacks when
there comes someone strange or even not welcome.


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