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Journal for the Novel
This is my first time to read this novel, and I have a hard time reading such a long story. Because it got too many vocabs I don't know, and the characters are confusing. There is two narrator Mr. Lockwood and Nelly the servant, they told the story by their own point of view, and so sometime I can't see what is the real feeling within every character.
After reading the first few chapters I finally get better reading it. In my opinion, Mr. Lockwood, has an involved personality, he is brave but sometimes not too brave. He is not too welcome in the house and Heathcliff is not kind to him, but he still has the courage to go back again. When he saw the spirit outside the window with the stormy weather just like the weather in movie where ghost will appear he still can stay claim and have a deal with the ghost. (" Let me go, if you want me to let you in!")K If it is me in his shoe, I will scare to death, I don't think I can stay claim. Also in this part of the story I can see that Lockwood is a brutish person, how can one gentleman saw a lady outside the bad weather not letting her go in, instead he cut the girl hand to make her stay out. I don't think it is right to do such a thing. About his dream, I have the same feeling as Greg have (I have read his journal). He is trying to be nice to every person, but the person he meet is not kind to him. In his dream he is being himself, a brutish guy. 8-0! To tell the true I don't like Mr.Lockwood at all. He is kind of cruel and stupid. He has mistaken the relationship in the family, and he seems to say many stupid things. (Like saying that Mrs. Heathcliff is Heathcliff wife and praising her to an angle)K J As I read this part I laught out loud because I haven't seen such a big mouth as he is. And mostly what Heathcliff answers him is very cool. He just say " Mrs. Heathcliff is my daughter -in-law," one line can make Lockwood stop.
As for Heathcliff I think he is a kind person inside of him, although he has UN- friendly faces. We can see this when he begs Catherine back. His love and hate is very clear. I know he will do many bad things in his life coming behind the story, but I still think he is a nice guy. The reason he does such bad thing is that he can't get any love he wants. He doesn't have parent to grow up with him, and in the house (Wuthering heights) people don't seem to love him except the father and Catherine. But the father is dead a few years after he is in the house, and Catherine is merry to Edgar. His hated is getting bigger and bigger. In his childhood he is not treated well by Hindley. So I think he is very pity in his life. He is all-alone all his time. Although he is merry, he still can't have a tasted of real love, the joy which people can get within love.


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