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Introduction to Literature
Ray Schulte
Characters in "Wuthering Heights"
Luckwood, the narrator of Chapter1~3, leads readers to Wuthering Heights. In the very beginning, he didn't regards himself as someone sociable; the action he visits Wuthering Heights just shows his curiosity and enthusiasm for story between Wuthering Height and Thrushcross Grange. He doesn't take into consideration if he is welcome in Wuthering Heights and he tries his best to stay. If Luckwood were as solitary as Heathcliff, he would not feel heart-warmed when meeting Heathcliff and that he would not grasp every chance to visit Wuthering Heights. Besides, Returning to Thrushcross Grange, he carefully asked Mrs. Dean, by which he would come to explore the mystery. If he were misanthropist, he would behave himself polite, and keep silence. Second, Luckwood is a little bit childish, he makes face towards dogs when left alone. Last, he has the violent potential, which depends on what he treats Catherine's spirit.
Heathcliff would impress readers on his cool manners, such as his greet with Luckwood and his carelessness toward Hareton and his daughter-in-law. But we could realize he could be tender and loyal for those who he loves: Catherine and Mr. Earnshaw. He can bear the unreasonable treatment from Hindley instead of Catherine's being married to Edgar (emotional betrayal). His love is so straight and extreme that it just results in the tragedy. Undoubtedly, he is very patient-he returns with enormous fortune with him. What of kind of difficulty could he over come and does he assure he can avenge? With a good memory, he strikes back to everyone he hatred-including himself.
Joseph would be one character I would fix focus on. He is not the leading character because he doesn't appear so often as Luckwood or Heathcliff. Nevertheless, in my opinion, the author would like to express something by means of making him up. Whenever he comes into view or he is mentioned, readers are always reminded of the religious image-why? Being disgusted by Heathcliff and Catherine, he is nothing more than a hypocrite deep believing in Bible?
Mrs. Dean, the main narrator from Chapter 4: like Luckwood, she is also subjective when she recalls and describes what happened previously in Wuthering Heights. Being a maid, she has her own feeling about people living in Wuthering Heights.
Hindley is the person who hates Heathcliff most in the plot. Starting his hatred with the broken fiddle, he never stops repelling Heathcliff. He is rude and careless. Losing Mother, Hareton longs for Hindley's love. But Hindley neglects it.
Catherine, the leading female character in "Wuthering Heights." She is witty (married to Edgar and manages to help Heathcliff) but it just hurts Heathcliff. Being confused by her own affection, she could not express her love bravely.


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