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Connie Liu
Journal- Wuthering Heights

I find that it is not easy to read and understand
this novel completely because there are the problems
about the vocabulary, the complex relations and
personalities of characters, and two narrations of
the novel. Especially, readers have to distinguish who
is speaking or narrating now. However, I think I can
almost catch on the story by reading it for several
times.(Maybe I still have some misunderstandings.)

At first, we cannot deny that mr.Luckwood is an
important character in the whole story. Because of the
appearence of Mr.Luckwood, we the story-Wuthering Heights
to read. As we have discussed in the class, Mr.Luckwood
is a curious and subjective man. He ignores the rude,
stange and ruthless behavior of people at Wuthering
Heights. He doesn't become aware of the mysterious, dark
and crazy environment he is involed in. Maybe Mr.Luckwood
id like to be there or the plot makes him have to. He should
know that he is an unwelcome man, a man from foreign land.
In addition, he uses his own judgement and definition to
explain thase strange behavior and things. Maybe he wants to
use the ironically narration, but he becomes a character we
cannot trust completely.For example, Mr.Luckwood came to visit
Heathcliff at first time, he thought that the Heights is a
beautiful country and Heathcliff is a friendly man:"This is
certainly a beautiful country! In all England, Ido not believe
that...and Mr.Heathcliff and I are such a suitable pair to divide
the desolation between us. A capital fellow!" (Chapter 1)
There are so many examples show that Mr.Luckwood have a lot of
misunderstandings: "The 'walk in ' was uttered with clossed
teeth... and I think that circumstance determined me to accept
the invitation" (Chapter 1). Or another examples:" 'A beautiful
animal'...Unluckly, it was a heap of dead rabbits" ( Chapter 2)
and"'It is stange,' I began,...The other did not look seventeen"
(Chpter 2). I don't know why Mr.Luckwood is so curious person,
maybe he considered that Heathcliff and he have some the same
personalities as the narration of himself in chapter 1: "But
Mr. Heathcliff formsa singular contrast... I bestow my own
attributes over-liberally on him." So Mr. Luckwood wants to know
more about the Wuthering Heights and Mr.Heathcliff. Thus he keep
to find the track about the past. He read the cathy's diary and
asked Mrs. Dean the story about the Heights and the Grange.
" I found him very intelligent...I was encourage so far as to
volunteer another visit, tomorrow." and "He fixed his eyes...
and I resolved to be cautions how I ventured under those rafters
a third time." all show that Mr.Luckwood' curiosity keeps on making
himself to involein a series of events.

There are two sequence both developing in the story. Mr.Luckwood
represents the present time and Mrs. Dean represents the both the present
and past time. From Nelly's eyes, we can know what happened in the past
time at Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange, too. Nelly is a loyal
and stubborn woman. She was sent out of the house by Mr.Earnshaw, the old
master, because she put "it"( She called Heathcliff- "it", as an animal)
on the landing o fthe stairs. Then Nelly come Home for she did not consider
her banishment perpetual. I think this issue provides the imagic power of the
Heights because people there have suffered the great deal from their close
mind and the teasing of destiny. But no one wants to leave the Heights forever,
as Heathcliff came back the Heights again for revenge or his ture love, Cathy.
No one try to get out of there! Wuthering Heights seems to form some mysterious
and magical power to attract everyone. Then we come back to Nelly, she can't
accept the idea and behavior of Cathy, she sstill chose to stay with Cathy
until she died. I think we also cannot completely believe what Nelly talks to us.
Sometimes I think that Nelly consiously or unconsiously covers some truths and
avoids the important and dwell on trival. In the passages which Cathy was going
to died because the battle of Heathcliff and Mr.Linton, Nelly ignored that Cathy
is serious ill and she should tell Mr.Linton. But she didn't do that quickly.
Even She knew that Isabella had ran away with Heathcliff, Nelly didn't tell
Mr.Linton right away. Maybe she is afraid of Mr. Linton's situation and he could
not bare to hear the news. About the letter of Isabella, it is the special
narrative narration.

There are so many things we can discuss, such as the characteristics of Cathy
and Heathcliff. They are just like two sides of one soul. They are the contrast to
each other. However, they cannot avoid the arrangement of the fate. I want to say
that we cannot understand them forever because the author didn't mention the change
of the years Heathcliff left the Heights and those Cathy married Edgar.(according
my reading to Chpater 16). Because of the other people's narration, there is still
a fog before the real characters.


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