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There was a lot of complicated emotion mixed together in the Wuthering Height. As I finished reading this novel, I can't believe that the reason, which could destroy two families, was so simple--revenge! How horrible it was. If Heathcliff could forgive people who offended him, if Hindley didn't treat him bad, if--there were so many "if" which could stop the tragedy. However nothing we can do about it. All we can do is to take pity on them.
The beginning of this story was Mr.Lockwood's visit to his landlord. In the story, Lockwood was very curious about what happened in Wuthering Heights though he was just a stranger there. In my words, I will explain him "thick-faced" in stead of "curious". Besides, his curiosity led him to keep on searching what he wanted to know. He tried to behave nicely but always got the opposite effect. Besides Lockwood's ridiculous words, people there showed their coldness and made the situation became more embarrassed. When he slept in Cathy's room, he had a strange dream. Here I think Joseph's existence in the story means something. His words were not only difficult to understand, but also he liked to say something about religion. Most time he scolded everyone. Perhaps he stood for one who gave judgement. However, he was just a servant so nobody paid attention on what he said. Later, Lockwood saw little Cathy's ghost holding his hands and crying out "Let me in." In order to escape the ghost, Lockwood cut her hands by glass and it blended a lot. It must be very frightened! Why was little Cathy's ghost there? I think that it reflects Cathy's desire to come back Wuthering Height. We know she didn't often come back there after her marriage. Then we can explain the reason why Heathcliff cried bitterly after Lockwood told him what happened. We can see clearly that Heathcliff and Cathy loved each other very much, but they continued hurting each other. They were used to be very familiar while they were young, but five weeks changed many things. Her pride made Heathcliff ashamed of himself. Heathcliff's dissatisfaction about many things was the origin for his revenge. In addition, Lockwood's reaction was very cruel. But he knew nothing about Wuthering Height at that time; it was natural that he wanted to escape by that way. If it was Heathcliff who was hold by little Cathy's hand, perhaps he had no time to be frightened but happy!
For me, I think Cathy's reason to marry Hindley Earnshaw was unreasonable. It was not easy to tell if she loved Hindley. She always pretended she was good in front of Hindley but she was rude in fact. By marrying Hindley, she thought she could help Heathcliff to get away from her brother. She saw her marriage as a tool to help Heathcliff. In my opinion, the love between Cathy and Heathcliff was more like brother and sister. Two poor guy in souls, so they cherished each other. Unfortunately, things changed so fast that they couldn't handle it.


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