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Actually, this is the first time that I read such a long novel. Besides I think this isa very long and difficult one. I am not trying to complain to you on purpose. But I have to confess that it really takes me a very long time to understand the characters, the words the characters say, and the plot.
In my opinion, the setting of this novel is very weird and terrifying. The weather there is always bad. Therefore, it forms a scary, uncertain, and chageable atmosphere. Also, i think the way the characters are showed here has something to do with the queer weather. The personalities of the characters are as strange as the weather here. I think the writer is good at setting off the images of every character by using this specific setting.
In the first chapter, the narrator is Mr.Lockwood. He is leading us going into the plot of this novel. As far as I am concerned, he is "too" curious. His curiosity not only bring himself trouble but also bring trouble to others. As a matter of fact, he is not part of the family. However, when he first came to this place, he was eagar to know everything around him. Therefore,although he probably knew that he is not so welcome by Mr.Heathcliff, he still tried to visit him in that terrible weather which is described by the author. Here I think the author is very clever because she uses the terrible setting to let readers know how strong his curiosity is. In addition, I think Mr.Lockwood is pride, therefore, it is difficult for him to understand others.Futhermore, because Mr. Lockwood is too subjective , we can not trust every word he says. We have to learn how to see the truth behind the words he says. And we have to frame a picture not affected by his subjective viewpoints in our minds. And i think this is one of the purposes that we read this Gothic novel.


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