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Journal for "Wuthering Heights"
The novel has a first-person narrator named Lockwood. I think he is a strange man because he says, "A perfect misanthropist's Heaven-and Mr. Heathcliff and I are such a suitable pair to divide the desolation between us." He thinks that he belongs to this isolated place. Maybe he really doesn't love the stir of the society and he dislikes people in the society so he decides to escape from the society to go to here. And I suggest his thoughts are difficult to understand. For example, "The 'walk in' was uttered with closed teeth and expressed the sentiment, Go to the Deuce!" Even the gate over which he leant manifested no sympathizing movement to the wordsˇK" Generally speaking, common people meet this kind of situation will feel uncomfortable, but Mr. Lockwood, to my surprise, he will feel this is a way to invite him. Therefore, these are the reasons why I think Mr. Lockwood has some special characteristics. Besides, he may be like his name "Lockwood" and is a proud and unsociable man. However, there are two points I like. The first one is he notices the surrounding of this house. The second one is he has a strong curiosity. It means that Lockwood is not only a careful man, but also a curious person.
In chap. 1, we can have the first idea about Heathcliff's personality. "ˇKwhen his fingers sheltered themselves, with a jealous resolution, still further in his waistcoat, as I announced my name." It seems that he is not easy to get along with. I suggest that this may be related to his miserable childhood. When he was a child, he never feels that he can get other people's identification so he becomes proud and angry easily. In this way, he just can avoid being hurt. And in chap. 4, we also can know he is a close-handed person. He becomes a terrible man because the environment, the air, and people make him to form a strange ideas on life and human being.
As a matter fact, I am truly sympathetic with Cathy in her struggle between Edgar and Heathcliff. One man, Edgar, loves Cathy very much. The other person, Heathcliff, is the man who Cathy loves him truly. Finally, Cathy chooses Edgar and decides to get married with him because he can not get equal love and definite promise from Heathcliff. And when Cathy said to Nelly, "Nelly, I am Heathcliff." Nelly thinks she is foolish. I agree with her opinion because she always feels unhappy on account of Heathcliff, even when she is married. Moreover, Heathcliff may eager to promote his position in this family and in this society so he makes Cathy falling in loving with him in order to attach the goal as I mentioned above. However, she really gives him a true love.


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