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The two narrators of "Wuthering Heights" were Mr. Lockwood and Mrs. Dean. As you said, their point of views might be kind of subjective. What they said might not be totally true. Therefore, we should take a suspicious attitude to read this novel.
This novel was a story about two families, Linton and Earnshaw. Mrs. Dean recalled the story and told it to Mr. Lockwood. By the way, it was almost the end of the story in the beginning of this novel. Mr. Lockwood was a curious person and very interested in the background of Heathcliff what happened in these two houses, Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange, before. Let's talk something about Heathcliff. He was an adopted son in Earnshaw's family. Mr. Earnshaw loved him even more than his own son, Hindley. This made Hindley think that Heathcliff deprived his father's love for him. Further, he became to hate Heathcliff in his childhood. Even when he grew up, he still ill-treated him. Heathcliff was a gamin on the street originally. Then, Mr. Earnshaw took him home and took good care of him. However, afteer Mr. Earnshaw's death, his life changed because Hindley hated him and ill-treated him. Luckily, Catherine became good friends with him and often companioned him. But this situation didn't last too long. When Catherine came back from Thrushcross Grange, she changed a lot not only in act but also in thought. The distance between them seemed to expand although they still loved with each other. Their views of love were kind of abnormal, as far as I am concerned. As for Catherine, since the one she loved was Heathcliff, why she chose to marry Edgar Linton. The reason was quite strange, she married him because she loved Heathcliff and wanted to use her husband's money to help Heathcliff. In a sense, she was very noble, as a result of she was willing to do anything to help her lover. However, her marriage to Edgar Linton made Heathcliff think she betrayed him. He disappeared for several years. Then, when he came back, he changed a lot in appearance. But, he planned to revenge for himself. After all, He had suffered too much. This infected much on his development of personality. In other words, I think he became a devil little by little under such an environment and situation. Were it not for Hindley's abuse to him and Catherine's marriage, he might not do so many devil things.
Heathcliff was always related to devil. Remember when he first came to Earnshaw's family, he was as dark as he came from the devil.
There might be devil root in his mind, but things he suffered stimulated its growing. He became the image of devil. He destroyed almost everything in order to revenge. Finally, he became the loneliest person. He thought he had punished people who did wrong thing to him before. However, in reality he also punished himself at the same time.
Ray, you've said that what the narrators said might be kind of subjective. But, how can we know what is true or fake? After all, everyone has different judgement about truth and falseness. By the way, would you please tell me what our group homepage should contain at least. What field should we talk about? Thanks a lot!


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