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¡§Wuthering Heights¡¨ is a gothic novel for sure. It¡¦s bleak, desolate and decadent. According to the narrative scenery, all settings seem ghastly, horrible, frightening and fearful. The people in this story are not fully alive; they lead their lives like ghosts.
Wuthering Heights is a place filled with hatred, sorrows, tragedy and anger. I cannot find any happy elements in this house and the people live in it. The image of Wuthering Heights is not very pleasant. The sky is dark, and it¡¦s always windy, stormy and ghastly. Inside the house, everything is dirty, wet and cold; people are heartless, feelingless and hateful. The color that can symbolize it is black and gray.
Thrushcross Grange is full of life and merriment. People in the grange are healthier and happier. It reminds me a sentence in Bible: Let there be light. Although Thrushcross Grange is better than Wuthering Heights, neither of them I dare to live in. In the novel, it seems everyone is insane. There¡¦s a strong connection between Thrushcross Grange and Wuthering Heights. All the characters inhabit either of them, or just keep move in and out the two places.
Catherine Earnshaw and her daughter, Catherine Linton, are much alike on their appearance and characteristics. They are beautiful, hot tempered and stubborn. Algernon in ¡§The Importance of Being Earnest¡¨ says, ¡§All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy.¡¨ I have to admit that he¡¦s right about that in this novel. And Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff are the same in some way. Both of them are wild at heart. It¡¦s impossible to tame them. Wuthering Heights, the moor and the bog are paradise for them. It is their nature that leads them there. But Catherine is passionate, happy natured (She used to be), sensitive petulant, diabolical and thoughtless. Heathcliff was cold-blooded, ill natured and never show his warmth, but his hatred and anger.
Heathcliff suffers a lot when he¡¦s young, so he always wants to take revenge. He has a miserable childhood and youth. It seems everyone suffers with destiny caused by themselves¡¦ or the last generation. It¡¦s sad to read the story about hatred and revenge between two families. There always innocents die for it


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