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Introduction to Literature
First Journal for Wuthering Heights

Since I have finished the reading of this novel (Chinese version) long time ago, I would like to present some journals mostly from the overview of the book. But at the same time, I will also keep on examining my previous thoughts about this novel by reading the English-version edition. And hopefully, present a more detailed content and analysis on this novel. The following is my first trial.

On the character Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights
:A psycho-analysis approach

Insecurity means a kind of behavior style of one¡¦s not being able to affirm oneself. And this kind of state sometimes results from feeling inferior to others (when Heathcliff thought that Catherine married Edgar because of his money and position), then usually it will make one produce the strong feeling of failure. In the example of Heathcliff is that instead of degenerating him-self, he devoted the model of revenge and com-petition to the full after holding the power.
(In fact, also we can approach the above in another angle. From the point of view of Alfred Adler¡¦s "inferiority complex", it¡¦s because Heathcliff had the sense of inferiority that leaded him to the need of being superior to others. The difference is only what Heathcliff used was just the negative compensating way --- revenge, to quiet down his resent and fear)
And the behavior of this kind of model (revenge and competition) originates from the reproduction of one¡¦s own childhood expe-riences. That is, when there is only one alter-native of intro-relationship model being taught onto the young Heathcliff, he only knew resorting to one sort of solution. And when Heathcliff grew up, even knowing his own hatred of this kind of being-abused relationship, we still can see, the victim turned into the abuse-executant.
These unwholesome childhood experiences made his unconsciousness be suppressed with a lot of emotions: unrevealed childhood secrets (which aren¡¦t shown in this book), the hatred for being maltreated and his own family position, and the unproved love¡K These strong, primitive passions and desires are deeply rooted in Heathcliff's heart, just like a seed, waiting for flourishing one day.
We can also say that Heathcliff¡¦s revenge on the others is the realization of a kind of pleasure principle. He thought that by doing this, he could relieve himself of the pain in the past and his loss of Catherine, but this just made him become the tool of revenge.
And what is the love of Heathcliff? What kind of transformation and change had his love for Catherine gone through? The only sustenance for young Heathcliff (after old Earnshaw died) is Catherine. Except Catherine, no one was willing to really care about him.
And we also can see that only when Heath-cliff and Catherine were together, that his suppressed emotion was truly unfolded. At that time, Heathcliff¡¦s love is company-like, pure and only for an object. But when Catherine¡¦s behavior and manners became elegant and lady-like, unlike before, the feeling of being betrayed aroused in Heathcliff¡¦s heart. The change of his only trust (Catherine) made Heath-cliff more uneasy and isolated. Then his love came to blind and uncontrollable. He needed to do anything to win her back! ¡¥If the reason she doesn¡¦t love me is money and position, then I will win her back with money and position.¡¦
Just because Catherine is the only one that he ever paid his sincere feeling, he would choose painfully to insist on this lunatic love. And with the death of Catherine, the unfulfilled love still would seize the whole of Heathcliff --- he still needed to complete the love. But the subject for love was dead, how and what could he do? He only knew to imagine and simulate the on-going love, and let it destroy him.
But destiny made him see the continuance of his unfulfilled love. This love now appeared in that of Catherine Linton and Hareton Linton. By their fulfillment, Heathcliff also freed himself from the prison that he built for himself, and passed away with his fulfilled love.


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