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Journal on Wuthering Heights
When I read the very beginning of the story, I must admit that I was confused about the complex characters and the relations among them. But after I read the following chapters, I can figure out the relationship clearer. I think this is really a "gothic" novel. Apparently we can see that the settings were horrible and frightening. Even the nature had something to do with the horrible setting. It always had stormy weather, rough winds and cloudy sky. These also related to the atmosphere inside the "Wuthering Height". Although that the narrator Mr. Lockwood in the first few chapters was too subjective and even made several mistakes, such as he thought Heathcliff was a good man while Heathcliff showed his indifference to him, from his description of the "Wuthering Height" can give us clear image of the house. It is a dark, moist, mess and dirty. People inside were indifferent and cared nothing about each other. Their reactions to each other were so violent, rough and bloodless. The image of " Wuthering Height" was a place full of violence and tragedy. On the contrary, Thrushcross Grange was a place had more happiness and bright light. The life there was more peaceful, at least before Catherine married to Edgar. Linton it was. But actually, the Linton family also began its tragedy when they met the Earnshaws. These two families had a close relationship can not be separated.
We know that the main character " Heathcliff" was an adopted child. The old Earnshaw loved him more than his own son, Hindley. So Hindley thought he stole his father*s love. He took a bad and hatred attitude towards him. Most of the other members did the same way too, especially when old Earnshaw died. Only Catherine Earnshaw played and loved to be with him. Under these kinds of situations. Heathcliff became bad-tempered, and made up his mind to revenge all things that betrayed and been bad to him. This was also the root of the tragedy.
Also under this situation, only Catherine Earnshaw loved to be with him and tried to protect him. They crazily loved each other. Actually, they were similar in their deep minds and heart, almost the same. They were all wild and loved to contact with the violent nature. What different we can feel Catherine*s passionate apparently. But when we read the novel, we will feel Heathcliff was a bloodless man. I do believe Catherine and Heathcliff loved each other crazily. In my opinion, it was also ridiculous and abnormal. Catherine married Edgar not only wanted make herself in a upper class but also wanted to used Edgar*s fame and wealth to help Heathcliff be better. Her reason to marry Edgar was not she loved Edgar but Heathcliff instead. I totally can not agree with such kind of love. She ignore what did Edgar did to her even cheated him. Also I think she was a bad-temper and violent person too.
About Heathcliff, I think he was really dreadful. Because of his background of his childhood, he became strange and wild. He made up his mind to revenge everyone who had betrayed and ill-treated to him. During his life, he never forget revenge. Every steps he took when he came back to Wuthering Height had its purpose. He planned it and made everything horrible. Such as he married Elizabeth only to revenge his brother Edgar, not because he loved her. How can love be a tool for revenge? Phew! It is really ridiculous.
After reading these chapters, the plots often shocked me. It was so wild and rough. The novel was full of tragedies and unhappiness, even in the more peaceful family, the Lintons. But I think this is a good novel for us to read. Because in these characters, we can explore more about their personalities and characteristics. Their attitude towards love. Also there was a strange servent, Joseph in the novel. I think he was really a religious man. What he said was really strange and hard to understand. He was always talking about ghost and some religious thing. I hope I can explore more about him from the following chapters.


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