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Journal---In the Waiting Room
The poem seems to describe a six-year-old girl went to the dentist's office with her aunt and she sat and waited her in the waiting room. As we know, waiting is quite boring, so, the girl picked up the National Geographic magazine and read it. As a matter of fact, I think she was too little to "read" a book, she might just look the pictures---"carefully
studied the photographs ". In the magazine, she saw kinds of things and people and was
amazing about it. She saw the inside of a volcano was black, and full of ashes, then it was spilling over in rivulets of fire. She also saw Osa and Martin Johnson, proudly. But on the opposite, a dead man slung on a pole, and the caption said "Long Pig". Babies and women
that were strange to her. What she saw was the negative also positive side of the society. She began to think about herself. For a while, she fixed herself with her aunt, then, she
thought why she should be one of those common and foolish people? I don't really
understand what she was thinking about, it's just my surmise. If what I suppose is right,
then, I have the same experience with the speaker. Sometimes, when I see some poetry,
novels, newspapers, or criticism, etc. I seem to see how ugly the society is. But sometimes
I think the world is beautiful and moving, too. For example, today I went to see the movie
"Seven Years In Tibet". For one hand , I was deeply moved by the sincere affection
between Tibetan and an Austrian, and some feeling of quiet, on the other hand, I was
angry with China army's ugly and foolish action. The world is beautiful but ugly, too.
The world is ours but mine, too.
When the speaker hear her aunt cry out in pain she was surprised by herself and mixed her with her aunt. I think it because she found she had the same characteristics with her aunt. They both have the some voice---high, that is different from men. In the
beginning, she couldn't believe, so she thought she became her foolish and timid aunt. Then
in the second stanza, the speaker tries to calm down, but she was aware of another thing---
she was one of them. It seems that she couldn't accept it, it might make her think of that
she was a female. In her eyes, her aunt was a foolish and timid woman, it means, that in
her heart, females, or all human, were foolish, too. So she didn't want to be one of them.
But fact is still fact, whether she recognize that she was a female or not, she still one of
them. Maybe she hate the society, maybe not. I'm not sure. But she really found that she
was unlikely, some way was like to the society, so she finally recognized her as a female,
that means, she recognized she was one of the society.
Oh, it's really a difficult poem!!!


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