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:personal identity >> I'm nobody--who are you?

Of course , a poem can be interpreted into different dimensions according to readers' point of views . Intuitively , I won't consider this poem to be feminist , as if women can only write feminist things . But if we wear this kind of glasses , it's easy to associate this poem with a woman's being 'conditioned' by the ideology created by men .
" Don't tell ! they'd banish us -- you know ! " suggests that if women publicize their voice , surely it's to be curbed by men , since we all know what kind of thing will happen next . So the woman in the poem has given up completely , to stand out and then be treated as a shrew ( or even a prostitute ) is such a terrifying and stupid thing !
What the women wants most is a companion , who has the same feeling toward her own situation . But is this what she 'need' most ? Can two mutual-sympathizing sufferers really help each other out of dilemma and fear ?

Let's put on another pair of colored glasses , and define " I " in the poem as a person , who is just a person and has no sexuality .
What is one to look for in the life ? To be somebody ? Obey some standard of value created by some people ?
No , the person won't play the game ! "I" just want to be ordinary with dignity , with the people of my side . But also " I " am so urgent and expectant to find my side , since now there's only me in my side . And you , please don't get cheated by the beautiful pseudomorph and devote your energies uselessly . My dear you , in the unseen faraway , please come to me after listening to my thoughts .
We can see this person is exhibiting some sort of defending bravery ( which is caused by fear and anxiety ) to discriminate himself/herself from the vulgar appreciated model -- somebody . That's the first step . The second step is to have confederates' support . The third step is to resist the "admiring bog" together . However , the plan is at the stage of the first step .


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