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"I'm Nobody! Who Are You?"
The characterize the speaker in this poem is an old person, who look back to her life, In the first stanza. She seems like a child who is looking for friends, who will stand on her side and have the same point of view. But in the second stanza her voices seems to be a grow up. Her thinking have change. She might think that the world is bored, especially being somebody,
she use frog for an example. Frog always speak so loud but it don't know it is just in a small world. She might have think that it makes no different rather she give her opinion or not. She don't want to get in trouble anyway. So she can live on her own way of life.
When I finish reading this poem few times later. I seems to be a close friend of the speaker. Me, too! want to be nobody. I just can stand on her side. Maybe everybody want to be somebody so that they can be famous and proud. But I refuse to be somebody because I think being somebody is tired. I suddently think of the news of princess Diana death! The newapaper said that
her last word is "leave me alone" I know being a famous person is very tried, because they have no personal time. They are always being watch thought reporter, and their life is show everywhere that people in the world might have know what she is doing. I hate this way of life.
I think the writer might have been in some trouble when she was young that now she is very upset with everthing. She is very sad with the world. Maybe she have been somebody before and have found that the world doesn't fit her. So in line 3-4. She said "don't tell, they'd banish us, you know." Maybe she have figure are that being different in the society is hard. Having
her own idea of living is more harder. So at last she charge her point of view that she wants to be nobody, because being nobody is easier, and she won't get in trouble. People won't give her pressure anymore.
Dear Ray,
Sorry being late to hang my journal.Because I have made a mistake I thought this journal is due next


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