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ƒÜ I¡¦m Nobody! Who Are You
At first she sounds pretty lacking of self-confidence for saying ¡§I¡¦m Nobody!¡¨ When we call someone nobody, that probably means that person is so-called a failure. We wouldn¡¦t call somebody this unless he or she is really doing a terrible job in whatever he or she is doing. She must feel so bad and sorry for herself that she would utter this strong statement ¡§I¡¦m Nobody!¡¨ she must be some kind of woman who lacks confidence and faith in herself. And also the society somehow makes her so lacking of self-confidence by giving her a lot of pressure. We can see this the next couple of sentences.
She asks the readers ¡§Who are you?¡¨ in the second sentence. This can be such a tough question that we might have to spend a lot of time figuring out the answer to. In fact, we never really take this question into consideration, do we? Maybe, we are also nobody! It¡¦s just we never know because the society urges us to become somebody, which is mentioned in the second stanza, and very often we think that we are really somebody. How pathetic it is!
She even says, ¡§Are you¡XNobody¡Xtoo?¡¨ so that we can really think about this question. She uses a lot of dashes in the poem. I think she uses the dashes to emphasize the words in between the dashes, like ¡XNobody¡X, ¡Xto be¡X, ¡Xlike a Frog¡X, ¡Xthe livelong June¡X. And I also notice that the ¡§N¡¨s of all the Nobody mentioned in the poem are all in capital letters. And this makes Nobody a title! She is Nobody and she is looking for a companion, who can make them a pair, so that she is not lonely. But their companionship should be kept in secret because this world made of Somebody would banish them if they are found out they are Nobody.
In the second stanza, she indicated that this society wants us all to be Somebody, but how dreary it is! At the end of the sentence, she says, ¡§you know!¡¨ as a sarcasm because she is sure that we all know how dreary it is to be Somebody, but we are all requested to Somebody.
I really can¡¦t get it what she says, ¡§like a Frog¡¨ and why is the F also in capital letter?


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