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We have read five poems about family relationship
. Now we have to read another five poems about
personal identity. These poems are shorter than
last five ones. It really hard for me to catch the
meaning between the lines, especially "Metaphor"
Among five poems, I choose "I am nobody! Who are
you" to write my journal. I think the title is
very interesting for me. When I first see this
title, I am very eager to know what this poem is
talking about.
I think the personality of the speaker in the
first stanza is like a child. She said " I am
nobody! Who are you? Are you -Nobody-too?" This
makes me feel the speaker is childish. She want to
find a companion who is the same as she, who is
also nobody,too. When she really find one, she is
very happy like a naive child. She said"that's a
pair of us! Don't tell! thay'd banish us- you know
!" she was afraid that others will banish her and
her new companion. Who are "they" in this stanza?
Are they Somebody? They have right and power to
banish those who are against them.
In the first stanza, the speaker use "I","you",
"us", and"they". In the beginning, she was alone
by herself. Then,she found a fellow and made
friends with him. So, the speaker use "us". I
think "us" and "they" are opposed . Is it right?
In the second stanza, the speaker compared
somebody to be a frog. Although some people want
to be somebody, who is famous, respectable,the
speaker did not the same as them.In her opinion,
to be somebody is dreary. If she were somebody,
she could not have her own privacy. She has to
lead a public life. Maybe she lives for other
people, she couldn't be herself. It's too hard to
be somebody.
There are many dashes in thispoem. I think maybe
the dashes create a sence of distance and
isolation in the first stanza. In the beginging,
the speaker was alone, she didn't let others step
into her world unless they are-Nobody-as her. In
the second stanza, I think the dashes are used to
emphasized and explain how dreary and public to
be somebody.
After reading this poem, I prefer to be Nobody.
I think to be Nobody is happier than to be
Somebody. Take Pai Ping-Ping( Do you know her?)
for example, she is really a celebrity, almost
everyone in Taiwan know her name. Maybe she is so
famous that the three gangsters kidnapped her
daughter for a huge amount of ransom. Sorry! I
In the end of this poem, what does "an admiring
Bog" mean? I think it may indicate the life and
world that Somebody lives in. Although some may
admire to be Somebody, as for the speaker, the
life of Somebody is like a fog living in a Bog.


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