In the Station of the Metro

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"In a Station of the Metro"
Apparition means ghost, phantom. The Metro is the name of the subway system in Paris. And subway gives me the image of dark, dirty, packed, jammed, and busy. The speaker saw a bunch of people coming out of the train, with no expressions on their faces, like ghosts. Though they are in a modern world, taking a train, they seem to be absent-minded. They don't pay much attention to the surroundings around them. Rush in, and rush out, catching up their times. They never stop to think why they are in such a hurry. They don't have destinations, just like apparition. Or maybe they are indifferent, detached to the society. "The apparition of these faces" gives me the idea that they are cold, care nothing but themselves. Hanging around, but do nothing good to the society.
The interpretations on the web site, however, are quite different from mine. It said the faces are apparitions because the train is moving. If the train stops, they are not apparitions any longer? I don't think so. No matter the train stops or not, they are apparitions. Their hearts go away, just like "The Darkling Thrush," "All mankind that haunted nigh." People are like ghosts.
"Petals on a wet, black bough." Are there a lot of petals or not? Why "wet"? In my imagination, there are a lot of white petals on that black bough. It's a dark night, maybe midnight, and there is no moonlight. When wind blows, some of the petals fly away. The interpretation on the web said that the petals are the faces, pink and sudden. The black bough resembles the long, dark train. I agree with that except the color of the petals is "white." Why? As far as I am concerned, white means pale. People in the station are tired, weary and exhausted. They could not help but hustle and bustle, and that's why they are pale.
Living in the 20th century, it's much more convenient than before. But the distances between people are far. We are self-centered, selfish, and egotistic. We become "apparitions" in other people's eyes. We rush for our own benefits. But can we change the world? Can we resolve the situation? I feel frustrated after reading this poemˇK


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