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The poem I read was "In a Station of the Metro". As usually, I tried to image the picture. For the first line, the speaker said " The apparition of these faces in the crowd; In my opinion, it might be on a rainy day (not a very good weather), the sky was gray or full of raining clouds. The speaker came out of the subway station, and there were many people around him in the same way. People did not show much emotion on their faces. So far as I am concerned, the speaker (or the author) wanted to present us a kind of situation happening in this modern society. This was my image about the first line

For the second line, the speaker said " Petals on a wet, black bough." How can petals on a wet, black bough? According to my picture, petals flew with wind and then fell on a wet, black bough. It was a big contrast between weak, tiny, white or pink petals with a strong, thick, black bough.

Now, let me analyze the poem step by step. On the first line, why did the author used "apparition" to describe people's faces? Maybe the author wanted to tell us that while walking down the street, people usually presented their indifference to the world on their faces. Another possibility was that people didn't have real goal for living in the world, they just did what other people (the value of the society) supposed them to do. So, they didn't show any passion for life on their faces.
Also, at the end of first line, the author used "; " to be an ending. Is this punctuation important? In my opinion, the author used this punctuation to give the readers a hit that both two lines were connected with each other. When we used this punctuation ";" to separate a sentence, it meant that these two lines must have something in common (meaning or sentence patterns). Although this poem couldn't be a complete sentence, in my opinion, it still worked. Therefore, I would like to compare " the crowd" to "petals" and "metro" to "a bough". I guessed that "metro" might mean the modern society, which had modern equipment, but people who live in this kind of society were like weak petals. What would happen if petals fell on a wet, black bough? No matter how beautiful petals were they would be stinking by the wet bough and no longer have pure colors by the black bough. Maybe the author wanted to suggest that. Another possibility was that petals just liked apparition (ghost) , because they were no longer alive(have no goal for life- just liked people).


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