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Journal for "We Real Cold "
In the beginning, I want to say sorry to you. I write this journal after the class on Thursday. We are suppose to hand it each Thursday before our class no matter when the last five poems are finished. Now I try to make up my journal.
The first and second lines I can not understand. I guess they are from some play or famous story. As to the content, I doubt the meaning "cool " in the poem. Does it mean that they are satisfied with what they are and they are proud of what they do ? Or is it the real meaning of cool ? In my opinion, this poem is about a young group which does something not common. Because the poet is a black woman, I see the young group as a black one. They had left school, perhaps they do not like their school life, they can not get used it so quit. (Let me think about my classmates who have gone away.) They hide themselves until night to go out, it is a little similar to the mice which can not be seen in the day time. Once they are treated unfair, they strike back right away. They don*t have to worry about their future, they don*t care the trouble they may have if they fight back. They enjoy being bad so they sign sin, they thin gin. I think they thin gin also means they destroy their life by themselves. They play jazz in June, in summer. They are happy at that time, meanwhile they definitely know they will die soon under this kind of life.
Why I guess this group is a black one is they are discriminated before. On the other hand, let me talk something about the so-called "bad guy". Most of time they are ignored. People look down on them. In common people*s view, they often do things unacceptable. People give them up, they also give themselves up. They don*t care to be involved in danger so they will die in young age in any accidents. That is another reason that they don*t have any dream for future. It is the same case in the poem. The poet gives much sympathy to them in the opposite way. The title is "We real cool", perhaps it can be changed to "We*re real poor" !


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