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"We Are Cool"
First of all, I want to say that I don't have clear ideas about these five poems. But I think that one of these poems called "We Are Cool" has something associate with us. I think that some of our friends and classmates or even ourselves may become one member of the group the speaker belongs to. We often think what we did is really cool and fantastic. But no sooner we will realize that the meaning of "cool" isn't exactly what we thought.
First when I read this poem, I found out that the pattern of this poem is quite different from other poems. The stanzas could have been written like this:
We real cool.
We left school.
We lurk late.
We strike straight.ĄK
But why should Brooks end every line of the poem, except the last, with "we" ? In my opinion is that this form can help us more understand about this poem. If we want to be cool, we often think to do something different from others. Then this poem's stanza is informal and I think this way can contribute to the topic. And the last line, Brooks didn't choose "we" to end the poem, I think it's because the last line said "we die soon". If that's the case, we'll never be cool. Then the poem wouldn't end the poem with " we".
The group the speaker belongs to has something to do with our student's daily life,especially we freshmen. Since I was in junior high school, some of my classmates just left school, lurk late, strike straight, sing sin, jazz June etc. They think they were cool at first. Although they doing so, they wouldn't feel they were cool at last. Most of them would regret for what they have done. Recently our society have a big problem about juvenile delinquency. Most of cases are related to the students drop out of the schools. They always try to do something particular and cool(they thought) to draw the public's attention such as speeding, rob, fight etc. I think these cases are quite similar with the group the speaker belongs to. Maybe they won't really die soon. But in my opinion that die can means many ways such as caught by police, regret etc.
Now I am a freshman in college. I often ask myself what is the "cool" thing to do in college. Some of my high school teachers always told us that university life is much more freer than high school and I can do whatever I want to do in college. There is no doubt that college life is freer than high school and we can do many "cool" things what we should not to do in high school, such as cut classes, fooling around etc. Of course we can do that, but after we doing so, I believe I won't feel what I did is "cool" anymore. After four years fooling university life, I think I will doubt and wonder why did I enter college and what I have learned in college. There are many ways for us to choose how to spend our golden four year's life. If we choose one of them, we should responsible for that. If we choose fooling around and doing cool things(we thought it is), maybe we won't really die soon actually but I think we'll die in another way. Maybe
in the future we can't find a job or make a living, right? "Cool"has many meanings and explainations, if we spend our life doing something meaningful and learning as much as we can, I think that kind of life is the most cool one. "Cool" can have many ways to interpret, it depends on us.

1. I think the rhyme have something to do with the meaning of the poem.
But I am not sure.


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