We real cool

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"We real cool"
The speaker might be in a group which they skip classes, have bad attitudes toward others, or even commit crimes. They considered themselves as cool people, or "cruel" people. She knew what she was doing, and she even knew that "We die soon." But she seemed like to be bad.
The stanzas could have been written thus:
We real cool.
We left school.

We lurk school.
We strike straight.

Why she wrote them the way she did? I think she wanted to put emphasis on "Left, Lurk, Strike" and so on. She wanted to show us how bad they were, or how cool they were. So the stress should be at the first word of every sentence. They thought those things were "cool." I think they must be quite young. Teenagers are always disobedient. When you say east, they always go west. They think that's really cool. If you try to be a good boy, they undoubtedly will laugh at you. Though they lead a "happy" life, playing hooky, smoking, drinking, partying, or even taking drugs, they are not afraid. They know they "Die soon," but they still live this kind of lives. I don't think they are cool, however. They are wasting their lives. They think by doing these, they are different from others, they are "special."
Maybe the speaker is trying to give us a hint, showing us that it's the wrong way to go. If you choose this, then the result will be "Die soon."


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