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"Autumn Begins in Martins Ferry, Ohio." This poem presents a
speaker who is about to watch an America football game. I've ever
watched a football game on TV before. This kind of sport is very
exciting, but it is also very dangerous. I do not know exactly how
many members does it need. But there is one thing I can make
sure that each member has to cooperate with each other, or they
have no chances to defeat their rival. In a word, football is no
doubt a kind of teamwork sports. However, life in society is also
like playing in a football game. No one can live in this society
without other's help. Everyone needs companions to work
together. In this way, they can do things more efficiently.

The first stanza presents various workers, such as Negroes in
the blast furnace, night watchman of wheeling steel. In the
last line of this stanza, they dreaming about heroes. In my
opinion, because they work hard to earn money for their families,
they think of themselves as heroes who support the whole members
of their home. They have to earn all the spending. They have no
right to give up this duty, because they are households. As a result,
they also have to bear much more pressure. Maybe that is why the
"Polacks" are slowly drinking their beers rather than going home.
They need to find a place which can let them relax for a while.

In my opinion, society is like a big machine, and each one in this
society can compared to be spare part of it. That is to say, every
one is indispensable.

In the second stanza, the men introduced in the first stanza are
ashamed to go home. Why? Did they do something wrong?
They just drank some beers and went home late. Does it because
their jobs are low status?

"Their women cluck like starved pullets, dying for love."
Maybe their husbands only care about their jobs, and earn more
money for families. However, they forget to spend time on
caring and loving their wives and children. That is the most
important thing.

As for me, the third stanza is really hard to understand. Why the
writer presents " Their sons grow suicidally beautiful. " What does this
sentence suggests? Is this a symbol? I hope to get the answer from
the discussion in class.


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