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Journal on "Autumn Begins in Martins Ferry, Ohio"
This poem is about the American football game. Maybe football is not as famous and popular as baseball or basketball in Taiwan. But in America or some western countries, the people there are quite interested in football. So there's no doubt that football players are famous in the society. But football actually is not a safe sport, it is not the same as soccer. It is easy to get hurt or wounded when playing football.
In the first stanza, we can find out that there are various workers presented. I can find out some common characteristics among them. The works they did are all viewed as the works belong to the lower status by the society. Such as the Negro in the furnace, I think it presents the hard and terrible situation of his working environment. Another example is the night watchman, it is really a hard work for he must stay up while everybody is sleeping. And why the Negros face is gray? In my opinion, it's also because his work. When we say someone's face is gray, we often mean that he is too tired and weak to do anything. So it maybe means that it is the hard work make the Negro too tired.
In my opinion that in this poem the fathers (the workers) always dream about the better world than theirs. They want their children to be a famous football player to achieve the goal they had never done. And about the beer, I think it is a way they use to relax and escape the true world. After drinking, they can imagine the world they long for and even dream that they become heroes. The heroes of the society as the football players. Or the heroes of their own family for they can make their family have a better life. But it is not the true. Maybe that is why they are ashamed to go home.
A worker like them usually can't support their family and life easily. Most of them have a hard and difficult life. If that's the case, they won't have anything they need. So maybe the "proud" fathers are ashamed to go home because they are afraid and ashamed to see the situation and environment of their family. They even can't prevent their families from starved. As we can see in the second stanza, "their women cluck like starved pullets." But why their wives feel unloved? I think that's because they can feel their husbands are unwilling to go home, but they don't know why.
In the third stanza, it present what I have said above. Their father wanted them to be a famous and popular football players. They don't want their children to do the same hard work as them. But why their sons grow suicidally? Although football is a popular sport, it also dangerous in on hand. For it is easy to get hurt. On the other hand, it is an excellent and beautiful sport. Not only because the fathers want them to be a football players, but also because football is a team-working sport. Every teammate should cooperate with each other. In this case, people can contact with people. Maybe that's why their sons play football.
I am not sure if write is right. Because I think it is not easy to analyze, so do other 4 poems.


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