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Langston Hughes's "Harlem"
Harlem is the site of a large African- American community in New York City. In point of the site and the race, I can find the "dream" is by African-American people. The first line is a question. Why does the poet give the question independence from other lines? I think the poet's hope is the reader can pay more attention to the question---the topic sentence in the poem. Moreover, why does the poet use the word "dream", not other words, like "goal", "hope", and "ideals"? Maybe the "dream" is too perfect to come true. Likewise, the word "defer" also gives me confusion. If you "defer" an event or action, you arrange for it to happen at a later date, rather than immediately or at the planned time. Hence, I can say the dream will come true at a certain time, rather than immediately. After all, the dream will come true. It depends on time. However, when we would like to realize our dream or hope, and we can't decide when we can realize, we just can be controlled by outward elements. So the word "defer" almost equals "it does not come true."
The following seven lines are four comparisons. The four comparisons "raisin", "fester", "rotten meat", and "a syrupy sweet" are so disgusting, unpleasant, and uncomfortable. Although the fourth comparison "a syrupy sweet" is not so bad, the sight composed by putting the four sickening things together have given us a definitive impression ---the dream is not healthy and acceptable by most people.
In the third stanza, the "sags" and "load" also give a hint of the heavy work and pressure. And the last stanza---the Italics---puts emphasis on the topic again and gives a response to the first line.
I read a guidebook about New York City. I find Helmet is in the north of New York City. Helmet is the most famous black zone, but the social order of Helmet is not very good. I also think of the Taiwan tribe. The poverty and bad social order of the Taiwan tribe is the same condition as the black in the United States. The Chinese immigrants from Mainland China say they were the masters of Taiwan. They are high-class, but the original inhabitants of the Taiwan tribe are lower class. Everyone living in Taiwan is Taiwanese and totally Chinese. Why do we have to discriminate their difference? Because of the discrimination, the people of Taiwan tribe have to be scorned and ignored. The generations of Taiwan tribe can't be treated equally---they can't receive equal education and standard of living. However, at first they lived in flat plains of Taiwan. Afterwards, the immigrants forced them away to the deep mountains. In the mountains, they had to endure the worse environment. They had to overcome the natural difficulty of agriculture. They earn a living by hunting and selecting fruits. Because of the less education, they can't find a good job to support their family. Owing to a lot of factors, some parents of the Taiwan tribe can't help selling their daughters to be young prostitutes in order to gain money. What a miserable and ridiculous behavior. Furthermore, the situation is very serious; we have to help them get rid of the bad fate. In spite of efforts of some laws nd foundations, most important of all, we need more concern and care about the situation. They are also our compatriots, aren't they?


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